Palm Springs Photo Shoot Locations – 10 Retro & Fun Spots

So you recently got engaged and are now considering rocking your engagement photos in Palm Springs. Heck yeah! Congrats! This is certainly an awesome time in your life and I wish you nothing but the absolute best with wedding planning, but for now, let’s talk about those engagement photos. If you are thinking about rolling out to the Coachella Valley and are asking friends, “Where are the best places in Palm Springs for engagement photos?“, then this is the article for you! This is because we are going to go over some of the best Palm Springs engagement photo locations that way you get kick ass photos guaranteed to make your girl squad jealous of envy. And let’s be honest, making those boss babes and bad bitches jealous is the name of the game. So let’s check out some of the hot spots in the location guide!

1. Palm Springs Art Murals

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Palm Springs art murals can be found all throughout the city, offering rad backdrops for any engagement photoshoot. These art murals include angel wings, a woman holding a freaking python snake, space-like patterns, and all sorts of colorful designs. The best part is many of these art murals that are perfect Palm springs engagement photo locations are right off Palm Canyon Drive or Tahquitz Canyon Way, making the spots easily accessible! Also, this is one of the reasons why you should work with a local Palm Springs engagement photographer vs someone not familiar with the area. Knowing where all the hidden gems are located will  make your Palm Springs engagement photos that much better and more unique!

For more information on where some popular Palm Springs art murals are located check out this article.

2. Moorten Botanical Garden

Palm Springs Engagement Photos Palm Springs Engagement Locations

Moorten Botanical Garden is a popular Palm Springs engagement photo location for couples seeking a little greenery for their gallery. The entry fee into the botanical garden is only $5, and the greenhouse inside Moorten’s is one of the most unique spots for a photoshoot. Although I would also like to add it is a tight environment inside that greenhouse with a lot of cactus’ and other plants that can bite you so be careful in there! But I can also promise you that Moortens’s Botanical Garden will allow any engagement photographer to creative. Lastly, even if you aren’t looking for that greenhouse, desert garden vibe for your engagement session it is still worth stopping by and visiting Moorten’s Botanical Garden. The Moorten family are awesome people, and they offer some rad cactus-style souvenirs.

Address: 1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

3. Palm Springs Neighborhoods

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

One of the best reasons to have your engagement photos in Palm Springs is the city has so many awesome locations to choose from. Sure, Moorten Botanical Garden, the Palm Springs Windmills and Ace Hotel are iconic spots for fun retro photos, but the streets are where it is at. Yes, even in random Palm Springs neighborhoods you can get amazing engagement photos. For example, I absolutely love the Old Las Palmas neighborhood which offers that palm tree, golden light, relaxed desert vibe. In fact, if you opt for a desert engagement session, I would totally recommend you get some photos in Palm Springs neighborhoods. This is another reason why you should choose a local Palm Springs engagement photographer!

4. La Serena Villa

Palm Springs Engagement La Serena Villa

Yes, the Parker, Korakia, and other posh hotels get all the love when it comes to a Palm Springs wedding or Palm Springs elopement. However, they also require photography fees for you to shoot on their properties. For example, to shoot your engagement photos at the Parker (which I love as a location) the permit is $5000-$7000, depending on the day you shoot there. Now listen, if you want to pay that, cool! I am all for it! But if you are looking to get awesome engagement photos without dipping into your Taylor Swift concert ticket fund, then La Serena Villas is my suggestion!

Address: 339 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

5. Palm Springs Desert

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What makes Palm Springs a unique location for engagement photos is the abundance of warmth and desert landscape. Simplicity is always a good thing for any photoshoot, and there is nothing better than two people in love, drinking champagne, dancing, and smiling in the desert. One of the more popular open desert locations is behind the Palm Springs Visitor’s Center which is right off Highway 111 when you enter the city. The location offers an open desert, a beautiful view of the San Jacinto mountains, and plenty of privacy.

For more information on the Palm Springs Visitor’s Center click here.

Address: 2901 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

6. Palm Springs Windmill Photo Spot

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How can you talk about Palm Springs engagement photo locations and not mention the iconic desert windmills? Well, you can’t! Simply take Indian Canyon Drive and head from downtown Palm Springs toward the 10 freeway until you see a spot in the windmills you like. Park the car on the side of the road (but be careful about parking in soft sand so your car doesn’t get stuck) and capture those wind-blown, wild hair modeling-type photos with windmills in the background! The coolest part about heading out to the windmills is they are located toward the side of the San Jacinto mountain range so you can extend the golden hour by about 45 minutes. Therefore, if you want to maximize that golden hour money light it is a good idea to finish the engagement session at this location.

Get more information on the Palm Springs windmills location here.

7. Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Ace Hotel Palm Springs Engagement PhotosAce Hotel Palm Springs Engagement Photos

A centrally located hipster-vibe hotel, Ace Swim Club has a little bit of everything for engaged couples seeking the coolest places in Palm Springs. First of all, every year the hotel commissions an art mural that provides a really cool backdrop for engagement photos. And from a photography perspective, the property features a lot of rad little areas that include a 60s style diner in the King’s Highway, a stylish bar area, white walls for minimalist photos, and a number of other cool spots such as the popular ACE sign in the front of the hotel.

For more information on Ace Hotel & Swim Club please click here.

Address: 701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

8. Private Estate or Airbnb

Jack LaLanne House Wedding

Sometimes the best engagement photos only need you and your partner in a relaxed atmosphere, that is why one of the best Palm Springs engagement photo locations is at an Airbnb or private estate. One of the coolest things about Palm Springs is the abundance of stylish Airbnbs and mid-century rental properties in the area. So look online for a private little spot that fits your style. Maybe get some champagne, relax in a hammock, take a dip in a pool, or just chill. Not every engagement session needs to be a photoshoot. They can also be you and your partner enjoying a little getaway while a photographer captures you in all your glory.

9. Saguaro Hotel

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Every best Palm springs engagement photo locations list has to include the Saguaro Hotel off Palm Canyon Drive (about a mile away from the Ace Hotel & Swim Club). I mean it has to when you consider the Saguaro is literally one of the most Instagrammed locations in Palm Springs! Colorful walls, a mid-century design entryway, and of course a highly-rated tequila bar at the El Jefe restaurant inside the property make the Saguaro Hotel one of the best Palm Springs engagement photo locations. Oh, and if you get the opportunity I highly encourage you to order the veggie nachos at El Jefe. They taste like they were handcrafted on an iron skillet by angels.

Address: 1800 E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

10. The Parker

Parker Palm Springs Engagement

Yes, you’ve seen this photo spot on commercials, in magazines, and probably in at least one of the influencers you follow instagram photos. The Parker truly is one of the most iconic desert locations for photoshoots, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Yes, its one of the best Palm Springs engagement photo locations, but no it is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive places to take photos at (the photography fee is between $5,000-$7,000). But the breeze block wall is legendary and the lemonade stand has all the retro vibes. This place is awesome, and even if we don’t have your Palm Springs engagement session there, you should totally go there for drinks and dinner!

Address: 4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

Engaged couples wondering where to shoot in Palm Springs can use this location guide or reach out to me directly for more information on where to find the best spots in the city for engagement photos! I am a local Southern California wedding photographer who has been shooting desert engagement sessions and weddings for over 8 years and would love to hear from you! I hope you found this guide helpful!

Ryan Horban – Palm Springs Engagement Photographer

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

So why should you listen to some random online person’s tips about your upcoming Palm Springs engagement session? I agree, there are some real weirdos out there so you should be careful. Therefore, let me explain why you can trust my list of the best Palm Springs Engagement Photo Locations! First of all, my name is Ryan Horban and I am a Palm Springs wedding photographer – nice to meet you! Second, I have over 10+ years experience serving couples in Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the entire Coachella Valley. In the time, I have been fortunate not only to work with hundreds of amazing couples, but also intimately explore this beautiful city. And yes, I even know where those random Palm Springs neighborhoods are where there are cool yellow and pink doors!

Oh, and please feel free to check out my Palm Springs wedding, elopement and engagement reviews on The Knot!