• Above is a photograph of me and my lovely wife on our wedding day 10/5/12. Since we paid for our own wedding and were basically broke at the time we did not have the budget for some trendy venue, four course dinner menu or fancy wedding invitations. We didn't have a videographer, had a friend cook up some BBQ for dinner and the house we rented in the Temecula Wineries was a great place for a wedding ceremony and reception. Our amazing friends helped out with the dance floor, outdoor lighting, parking cars and pretty much had a hand in making the whole day come together and be rad for us. Our wedding was our type of perfect. Even though one of our vendors didn't even show up and the DJ pretty much played the worst music ever, the punk rock band we hired was great and the party held strong until the very early morning hours. Naturally, riding a wave of emotion fueled by champagne and miscellaneous cocktails throughout the evening made it difficult for me to remember all the details of the evening. Thankfully, one of the best decisions we made was having our fantastic friend/wedding photographer document the entire day. All the little things my wife and her friends crafted together, guests hanging out and the craziness and partying that was the reception were all photographed for us to remember forever. It truly was and is an amazing gift we received. Photography is important to me and I know photography is important to you. That is why you are here.

Weddings are emotional, stressful and very much personal. I totally understand that and appreciate brides and grooms letting me into their world for that short time and sharing such an important moment in their lives with me. Not only sharing those moments but also allowing me to document them in a way that is unique, fun and real. Since you are letting me into your world please allow me to let you into mine as well. Below is a video clip when I surprised my girlfriend at the time (now wife) and asked her to marry me. It is very much embarrassing and I was more than a little intoxicated but what the heck! I like to party so feast your eyes on this disaster!

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