Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs Wedding Guide 2023

One of the coolest places to grab a beer or get your swim on in Palm Springs is Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs embodies that hipster, mellow, desert vibe, and just an awesome place to enjoy some California sunshine. In fact, I probably visit Ace Hotel 3-4 times a year for some cold drinks and warm sun with my wife and kids. Basically, a relaxing little stay-cation. But most of the time I am at the Palm Springs wedding venue it is to photograph weddings or elopements. So, if you are planning a pool party wedding in Palm Springs, California at the Ace Hotel, this article is for you. Why? Because after documenting so many events at Ace Hotel In Palm Springs, I decided to put together this guide on everything you need to know about getting married at the boutique hotel. Big wedding? Small wedding? Elopement? Don’t worry! We will go over it all so the planning process is as easy as possible. Now, sit back, pour yourself a nice glass of something yummy, and let’s get at it!

First, let’s start by checking out some elopement photos from a real wedding. Brendan and Bec traveled from Australia to Palm Springs, CA for their destination wedding. We started with a photo session at the Ace Hotel before moving on to The Saguaro. Later, we met the wedding officiant in the desert near the Palm Springs Visitor’s Center for the ceremony. The wedding vows were heartfelt, weather was perfect and the entire day was amazing. I really could not have asked for two more awesome people to photograph.

The Ceremony Sites At Ace Hotel & Swim Club For Your Desert Wedding

When it comes to picking the perfect venue for your big day, Ace Hotel & Swim Club has got you covered. With its unique spaces and stylish vibes, there’s a location tailored to make every wedding dream come true. From large ceremonies to intimate elopements, let’s dive into the offerings. First, let’s start with ceremony locations for larger weddings:

The Commune – Best For Large Weddings

Perfect for larger weddings, the Commune stands as a spacious and adaptable venue. It’s perfect if you want to get married outdoors with the majestic San Jacinto mountains as your backdrop. Whether you’re dreaming of a bohemian barefoot affair or a classic upscale event, the Commune embraces it all. Choose between an indoor or outdoor setting, and enjoy the freedom to decorate with personal touches or opt for curated vendor recommendations.

Seated Guest Count: 150

The Clubhouse – Best For Micro Weddings

Welcome to the Clubhouse, the epitome of versatility and fun. This double-decker event space exudes charm, making it perfect for both lively and serene celebrations. Two stories, over 4,000 sq ft, and room for all your dance moves. Here, you can pop champagne and celebrate love in grandeur.

Seated Guest Count: 65

Star Gazing Deck or Communal Fireplace – Best For Elopements

Is your family making the entire wedding planning process feel like a nightmare? Or do you have so much family drama that getting some people in the same room together could result in a domestic dispute call to police? If so, an elopement or micro wedding at Ace Hotel might be the choice for you! The good news is Ace Hotel & Swim Club ensures that even smaller gatherings feel grand in emotion. Here are the ceremony location options available if you are looking at keep wedding guests to a minimum!

If your dream is to marry under the vast Palm Springs sky, look no further than the Star Gazing Deck. This open space lets the heavens bear witness to your union. For those who’d like to add a warm, earthy touch, the Communal Fireplace offers a cozy atmosphere. Imagine exchanging rings while surrounded by flickering flames and your closest loved ones. And what better way to seal this intimate affair than with a champagne toast? For a fee of $750.00, this two-hour slot transforms into a lifetime memory.

No matter the size or style of your wedding, Ace Hotel & Swim Club has the perfect backdrop to make your day unforgettable. Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating love, and this Palm Springs gem ensures every moment is cherished.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding Cost

When planning your dream wedding at the Ace Hotel, understanding the venue’s seasonal pricing is crucial. This will not only influence your wedding budget but also the ambiance of your special day. Whether you’re imagining a vibrant club wedding or a serene springs garden wedding, your choice of season plays a significant role.

Commune Venue Pricing Breakdown

High Season (March, April, May & October):

Saturdays are priced at $6,500. Fridays and Sundays stand at $5,750, while weekdays ask for $5,000. High season offers the promise of splendid weather, but it’s also a peak time for Palm Springs wedding photography. This time is great for those who want a lively atmosphere, especially with record players adding nostalgic tunes.

Shoulder Season (February, September & November):

Saturdays will cost $5,750. Fridays and Sundays are a tad cheaper at $5,250 and weekdays drop to $4,500. This season offers a moderate climate, balancing between the high and low seasons. It’s a great choice for couples wanting to compromise between costs and ideal weather.

Low Season (January, June, July, August & December):

Here, Saturdays are at $5,250. Friday and Sunday weddings stand at $4,650, and weekdays are a steal at $3,000. If you’re dreaming of a green wedding and looking for cost-saving wedding ideas, low season can be your ally. The weather might be hotter or cooler, but the savings and lesser crowds could be worth it.

Clubhouse Venue Pricing Guide

Season 3 (January, June, July, August, September & December):

  • Renting both floors on a Saturday will cost $5,000. Opt for a Friday or Sunday, and it’s $4,000. During weekdays, it’s only $2,500.
  • If you only need the 2nd floor, Saturday is $2,500. Fridays and Sundays will cost you $2,000, while weekdays are priced at $1,500.

The Clubhouse, especially the 2nd floor, offers a unique setting for an intimate dinner party post-wedding or even rehearsal dinners. It’s an excellent spot for those who want a blend of indoor and outdoor wedding atmospheres. Plus, the lower floor can double as a banquet hall or a place for your wedding reception.

Please Note: The Ace Hotel mandates a booking of a minimum of 10 rooms for two nights alongside your wedding. Additionally, the site fee and a food & beverage minimum will be charged. All prices are exclusive of a 9.25% sales tax, 5% administrative fee, and the 25% service charge. Always refer to their website for the most updated information and to message the vendor for any queries.

In Palm Springs, every season has its charm. As a Palm Springs wedding photographer, I’ve captured moments across all seasons, and the beauty remains consistent. Just be mindful if you’re going to get married during the summer to plan our ceremony later in the day so we don’t all melt! So, take your pick, align it with your wedding inspiration, and let your love story unfold beautifully at the Ace Hotel.

Pro tip: While planning, don’t forget to consult a wedding planner or use planning tools to ensure everything flows seamlessly. From wedding invitations to the perfect wedding dress, there’s a lot to consider. Best wishes on your journey towards the big day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities does the Ace Hotel & Swim Club offer for weddings?

The Ace Hotel offers a plethora of amenities, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to tie the knot in Palm Springs. From the inviting Swim Club pool to the rejuvenating Feel Good Spa, and the unique offerings of the Amigo Room Bar, guests can experience a blend of relaxation and entertainment. Other notable amenities include on-site coin laundry, pet-friendly options, and delectable dining at King’s Highway, ensuring a memorable stay for wedding guests.

What kind of rentals are included in the Ace Hotel wedding venue package?

The rental inclusions for the Commune and Clubhouse are extensive, encompassing six hours of event time, cocktail and dinner tables, galvanized metal dinner and ceremony chairs, house linens, napkins, and food service wares. The staff at Ace Hotel will manage the setup and breakdown of these items, ensuring a seamless experience for the couple and their guests. Additional features like wireless microphones and surround sound are also available.

What’s the best time of year to have a wedding in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel?

Spring and October are considered the best time of year to get married in Palm Springs. However, each season offers unique advantages. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at each season so you can find out which option is best for you!

  • Spring: From March to April, Palm Springs enjoys mid 60’s to low 80’s temperatures. Typically, less than five rainy days span these months. With 10-11.5 hours of daily sunshine, it’s a popular time for outdoor weddings. Personally, I love the Spring time most because the San Jacinto mountains are still snow-capped, flowers are blooming, and the weather is pool party perfect
  • Summer: Don’t do it. Seriously. The dry heat talk is non-sense, and I promise your guests will be miserable. No to mention, if you are all dressed up, a little hungover from rehearsal dinner, and taking photos in 110+ degree weather your photos will reflect that “ugh” feeling. Seriously, June to September’s end, it’s the hottest period. Days often soar above 99°F. Especially in July, expect highs around 116°F and lows near 78°F.
  • Fall: October stands out. Classified under “High Season” pricing, this month averages a pleasant mid-70 degrees. Plus, with 10 sunny hours daily, it’s a favorite for outdoor celebrations.
  • Winter: From November to February, the weather cools. Daily highs usually stay below 75°F. December, the chilliest month, averages highs of 69°F and lows around 46°F.

Listen, if you are tying the knot at the Ace Hotel, every season has its charm. But for optimal weather, spring and October are the times to get married in Palm Springs, California.

Is the Ace Hotel pet-friendly?

Yes, the Ace Hotel is pet-friendly, allowing couples to share their special day with their furry friends. There is a dog park on-site, making it convenient for guests bringing pets. The cost is $25 for the first pet, and an additional $10 for any additional pets, ensuring that everyone, including four-legged family members, can partake in the celebrations.


Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding Location: 701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264