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When I was contacted by a kick ass event & wedding planner from San Francisco about photographing some branding and corporate content for one of her clients my first thought was, “Will there be snacks?”. The answer was yes, and that got the ball moving for me to document the space used for along with the interactions of attendees with the space at Alt Summit. Honestly, Heather and her crew did an amazing job setting up this meditation area that provided a nice break from the Palm Springs sun. Not to mention, with so much wisdom being spread throughout Alt Summit the attendees really enjoyed taking a few moments to decompress from all the knowledge bombs being dropped on their creative heads. Below are some of the photographs of the event space outside the Parker ballroom as well as guests getting in a little R&R at Alt Summit 2019.

Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs

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Conferences For Women

So I have to be honest when I say I never heard of Alt Summit until Heather at All Set Events reached out to me about photographing the conference for her and the crew at Then again, the conference’s target audience is women influencers and entrepreneurs so I can see why I never got the invitation. However, I did speak to many of the attendees at the conference and overwhelmingly the feedback I received was positive. Bloggers, Instagram influencers and other creatives I communicated with all stated how they felt rejuvenated and ready to take things to the next level from attending Alt Summit. And keep in mind this was only day one! At the minimum, Alt Summit is a great venue for networking with other creatives, but honestly it seemed like something much bigger than that. Therefore, I would highly encourage any female bad ass boss ladies to research Alt Summit.

Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs

Alt Summit Speakers

One of the things I thought was really cool about Alt Summit was the diverse amount of speakers at the event. The Alt Summit speakers included magazine publishers, bloggers, YouTube personalities, wedding professionals, instagram influencers and more. Although I only saw a couple speakers present and that was for a very limited amount of time, I could really see the value in the content being provided by Alt Summit. Everyone seemed really generous in sharing their experiences and goal with branding and marketing, providing a real sense of community. Oh and let me also mention there were a shit ton of after parties which I am sure provided the perfect avenue for deeper communication because the best interactions come after a .08 BAC.

Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs Alt Summit Palm Springs


Palm Springs Photography

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