Palm Springs can be incredibly hot at times. I am talking about the type of heat that makes you want to get completely naked and swan dive into a swimming pool, which is honestly something you should do if you are in Palm Springs and not working. I also recommend grabbing a cold cocktail while you are at it! Thankfully, when Adele and Dav decided to leave London for their destination wedding in Palm Springs they chose to get married in October instead of August. Don’t get me wrong, the temperature was in the high 90s and I still wanted to crash into the pool at their rental property butt naked but that was more because I like to party than because of the heat. But enough about my stupid ass! So Adele and Dav got ready at this really cool little rental property before we jetted off to the Saguaro (get the nachos there) and then the desert for some photos. After we snapped up some rad photos of the windmills in the desert we rushed over to Casa De Monte Vista for the wedding. This was my first time shooting at Casa De Monte Vista and I must say the place is freaking awesome. There are tons of rad little spots for photos and the owner of the property is a really rad dude with a lot of knowledge about the history of Palm Springs. He will not only chat your ear off about Marilyn Monroe when she would visit Palm Springs but he will also keep your glass of champagne full. So yeah he is awesome and so is his property. After the wedding ceremony at Casa De Monte Vista, everyone headed about a mile away to close the evening at Copley’s for dinner, drinks and more good times.

Honestly, I had a fantastic time with Adele, Dav and their friends and even hung out with them for dinner and drinks that night because everyone was so awesome. I told myself recently I want to reduce or eliminate destination weddings moving forward because I hate traveling but I might have to get on a plane to London and photograph their other wedding ceremony later next year. Below are some of the photos from Adele and Dav’s Palm Springs wedding. Cheers!

casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-1 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-2 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-3 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-4 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-5 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-6 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-7 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-8 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-9 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-10 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-11 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-12 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-13 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-14 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-15 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-16 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-17 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-18 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-19 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-20 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-21 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-22 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-23 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-24 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-photos-25

All wedding photos were snapped in Palm Springs, California at a rental property, the desert, Casa De Monte Vista and Copley’s restaurant by Palm Springs wedding photographer Ryan Horban. If you are interested in checking out more wedding photos in Palm Springs check out this same sex wedding at the Palm Springs courthouse and this destination wedding at Avalon hotel!

Wedding day coverage was 4 hours.