Catalina Island Engagement Ideas

Now that I have a 2-year-old daughter and a newborn son my relaxation trips are all focused on the stay-cation mentality. While other destination wedding photographers are out there booking trips to Iceland or photographing freckle-faced red-haired chicks on mountain tops I am holding it down in Southern California, rocking in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Don’t feel bad for me though. I love it here and when I do feel like I need a little break to somewhere where the energy and vibe are different I always have Catalina Island. Now I could go on and on about all the f***ing awesome stuff to do on Catalina Island such as zip-lining, riding electric bikes or my personal favorite, drinking cocktails on the beach until all your worries fade away. But the only thing better than going to Santa Catalina Island is shooting there, and recently had the pleasure of rocking an engagement session on Catalina. Below are some Catalina Island engagement photos I captured a couple of really close friends who took some time away from Chicago to do a little day drinking and have some fun in the city of Avalon. Cheers!

Catalina Island Engagement Photos Catalina Island Engagement Photos Catalina Island Engagement Photos

Catalina Island Engagement

Catalina Island marriage proposals, weddings, and engagement sessions are all popular in the Los Angeles County getaway location and rightfully so! Couples can stay for the weekend or simply take the Catalina Express in for a quick day trip for a little surf and sun. That is exactly what my friends did when they came to Southern California for their Catalina Island engagement photos. Our boat docked at Avalon where we then went some popular Catalina Island engagement locations, as well as some secret spots. Some of the Catalina Island photography spots we hit were:

  • The Casino (For the architecture and Catalina Island history)
  • Fish & Chips Restaurant on Pleasure Pier
  • Bueno Vista Point
  • Secret Spots Found On Exploring on Golf Carts
  • Wrigley Botanical Garden
  • Descanso Beach Club

Catalina Island Engagement Photos Catalina Island Engagement Photos Catalina Island Engagement Photos

All of the above photographs were captured at the city of Avalon on Catalina Island Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban. If you are thinking about a destination such as Catalina Island for your engagement session please feel free to send me a message. Shooting engagement photos out there always sounds rad, but even if you are just making a trip to Catalina Island for some good ole’ fashioned day drinking and want photos of that you can also contact me.