Where To Propose On Catalina Island

One of my favorite destinations in all of Southern California is Catalina Island. There is something so relaxing about walking the city of Avalon, taking a kayak around the island, or simply having a refreshing cocktail on Descano Beach. Catalina Island is truly a magical place, and because of that good energy, it is easy to see why so many people choose the location for their engagement photos, wedding, or marriage proposal. In fact, I have been fortunate to photograph many amazing moments between rad humans visiting Avalon. Most recently being a week ago when a man from Los Angeles County reached out to me in regards to photographing his Catalina Island marriage proposal. Below are some of the photos from that proposal on Catalina Island, as well as some helpful tips for anyone else who is thinking about proposing to that special someone in Avalon

Catalina Island Marriage Proposal

Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Ideas

When Kevin contacted me about his upcoming Catalina island marriage proposal we discussed the different locations he could choose to ask Haley that most important question, “Will you marry me?“. He mentioned he would be taking the Catalina Express early in the morning to Avalon, but since this was the couple’s first time traveling to Catalina Island he didn’t know of any great spots to rock the marriage proposal. The only things Kevin was looking for were privacy and a rad view of Avalon. This is why we chose a location perched above the harbor that overlooked the entire city of Avalon, Bueno Vista Point. Honestly, every time I have visited Catalina Island I have rented an electric bike and rode it up to Bueno Vista Point just to take in the amazing views of Avalon. But if Bueno Vista Point doesn’t feel like the perfect spot for your Catalina Island marriage proposal, here are some more secret spots where to propose on Catalina Island.

Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal

Top 5 Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Spots

Private Beach: One of the best parts about Catalina Island is the abundance of unpopulated coastline (over 50 miles), which offers couples with numerous options when it comes to finding a secluded private beach. Rent a kayak at Descano Beach or simply go for a hike to one of the many private beach areas for a romantic Catalina Island marriage proposal with just you and your fiancee!

Raggers’ PointLocated near Little Harbor, Raggers’ Point is widely recognized as one of the best locations for Catalina marriage proposals because of its blend of privacy and stunning views of the island. What makes this spot such a unique location for marriage proposals are the views of the Pacific Ocean stretching into a blue vastness, and of course the crashing surf below the lookout point. Raggers’ Point truly showcases the beauty of Santa Catalina Island!

Helicopter Tour: For couples who want to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Santa Catalina Island there is nothing more romantic than a private helicopter tour. Actually there is, and that is proposing to your boyfriend or girlfriend while taking in the majestic views of Avalon, Two Harbors, and all the wild buffalo while riding thousands of feet about Catalina Island in that helicopter!

Pleasure Pier: The iconic green pier extending off Avalon is a popular tourist attraction, but it is also a fantastic location for a Catalina Island marriage proposal! One word of caution though is this location is a highly trafficked spot in Avalon so if you want a little privacy it is best to propose on Pleasure Pier on a weekday or during the off-season.

Bueno Vista Point: If amazing views of Avalon are what you want as the backdrop for your Catalina Island marriage proposal then rent a golf cart or electric bike and get ready to ask that special person to be your husband or wife at Bueno Vista Point.

Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal Catalina Island Marriage Proposal

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