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Victoria Beach Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

Victoria Beach Engagement Session I seriously have no clue what the proper etiquette is for writing blog posts or probably just doing this whole life thing in general. I mean I'm literally the guy who wears a sleeveless Misfits shirts and drinks beer while having Skype meetings with potential wedding clients. The point is I am terrible at transitions so if you can ju[...]

San Diego Brewery Engagement Photos

San Diego Engagement Photos When I first connected with Kevin and Deena the conversation basically revolved around hockey and excellent craft beers. So needless to say we pretty much got along really well really quickly! Of course, we did spend about 6 minutes talking about wedding photography as well. Throughout the NHL playoffs we were all rooting for a Capitals/Sh[...]

Santa Cruz Engagement Photos

When my wife was put on maternity leave earlier this week we wanted to use her flexible schedule to go see some family up in Oregon, snap up some maternity photos and basically relax a little before the house gets more hectic. We planned on taking our time on this road trip since Vienna is a toddler and it would suck for her to be strapped in a car seat for 8-12 hours[...]

Wonderland Ranch Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

Joshua Tree Wedding With Kathy and Mono One of my absolute favorite places on the planet Earth is not Hemet, California. That place totally sucks and you should never go there, but do you want to know a place that doesn't suck? Joshua Tree, California. Joshua Tree is this really incredible place that for some reason many people never go. Sure I could take the easy ro[...]

San Diego Horton Plaza Engagement Photos

San Diego Engagement Session The most important thing for any photographer is that they connect with the people they are photographing. The photographer must make a couple feel comfortable in order for them to act and behave like their true authentic selves. It sounds easy but it can be challenging at times because each person carries their own unique personality, in[...]

Seaport Village San Diego Engagement Photos

Seaport Village Engagement Photography Ahhhh San Diego! Drink it in because it always goes down smooth. Well, 90% of the time it does, but on this day in San Diego it was 90+ degrees and super humid. So how did Ron and Justine beat the heat you might ask? Well the answer is choosing to start their engagement session at Ballast Point brewery in Little Italy because no[...]