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Reid Nikola

Reid Nikola

Wow! I mean what words could adequtely describe the feeling of seeing your child for the first time? Of being a father? I really have no clue, but I am going to try and express myself to the best of my abilities... Like most men, the whole baby thing just never totally felt real to me until those moments I was in that hospital delivery room. As I was watching my li[...]

Sheraton Hotel Wants Free Labor

Let me preface this blog entry with a short little about me write up. My name is Ryan Horban and I'm a wedding photographer based in Southern California. I shoot 30+ weddings a year, drink IPAs because they are tasty and get me buzzed, have an amazing family that I absolutely love, and won't be staying at a Sheraton Hotel anytime in the near future unless I'm kidnappe[...]

Fuck Wedding Shot Lists

Wedding Shot Lists Need To Die Let me paint a quick visual for you of a situation that happened to me a couple days ago. So I was standing in my office (yes I use a stand up desk and so should you) editing some photos while punk rock tunes were playing on Spotify. Basically, a normal day in the life of Ryan, and it would be something I would certainly classify as a g[...]

Apologizing to Jessica Martens for being an Asshole and Additional Discretions

HellloOOOOOOOOOO Jessica! I hope you are doing well and life is fantastic on your side of this message. I sincerely mean that. Well as you can see now I made a blog post about you. I felt like a gesture above the norm was necessary so congrats because you are now living for eternity on my blog, which actually felt like the right thing to do. Much like how Jacob impri[...]