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Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding

Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs Wedding Guide 2023 One of the coolest places to grab a beer or get your swim on in Palm Springs is Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs embodies that hipster, mellow, desert vibe, and just an awesome place to enjoy some California sunshine. In fact, I probably visit Ace Hotel 3-4 times a year for some cold drinks and warm su[...]

Joshua Tree Proposal

How To Plan A Joshua Tree Wedding Proposal Inspiration For Your Joshua Tree Proposal  If you planning a surprise proposal, one of the hardest things to do is choose a location for such a special moment. Although Southern California has no shortage of beautiful spots, the Mojave desert is quickly becoming the destination for wildly romantics seeking an organic locati[...]

Palm Springs Elopement

Palm Springs Elopement Guide Everything You Need To Know For Elopement Planning In 2024 Palm Springs Photo Shoot Locations For Eloping Couples Has the wedding planning driven you so far into the depths of madness that you decided the best option for you and your loved one is to pack your bags, head out to the west coast, and elope in Palm Springs? Well, the good [...]

7 Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues

7 Amazing Palm Springs Wedding Venues - You Won't Believe! One of the trendiest and best destination cities for weddings in 2023 is Palm Springs, California. With warm weather all year long and a long list of amenities the desert oasis has to offer, it is easy to see why brides and grooms are choosing to get married in Palm Springs. But once a couple decides on the l[...]

Boho Wedding

The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide - Real Bohemian Wedding Ideas & Inspiration For The Free-Spirited Bride! As a wedding photographer, one of the things I really love is when a couple mixes their personality and style into the wedding day. Not only did Sean and Alex do this for their outdoor wedding but they did it in a way that was beyond awesome. What they did was[...]

Joshua Tree Elopement

Joshua Tree National Park Elopement Guide 2022 The wedding industry will always try and sell couples on the big, traditional (and expensive) wedding, but the reality is planning a wedding has driven many loving couples into the depths of madness. As a result, many adventurous brides and grooms are packing their bags and heading out to the west coast (the best coast) [...]