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Smoky Hollow Studios Wedding

Smoky Hollow Wedding El Segundo  When I first met Rhea and Jairo I can’t even begin to tell you how infectious their energy was. What I found even more unique was it was not their individual spirits that were not only magnetic but the way these two love peacocks were together (cawww-ahhh!). They were this super awesome couple who truly enjoyed each other, and did thi[...]

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding Palm Springs

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding - Palm Springs Private Estate Easily, one of my favorite Palm Springs wedding estates is Casa de Monte Vista. Owned and operated by the always eccentric Joe, Casa de Monte Vista has everything you want in a private estate wedding. Including Joe's favorite conversation piece, a door from Antonio Banderas' house (seriously). This is why Lesl[...]

Avalon Hotel Palm Springs Wedding

Avalon Hotel Wedding Palm Springs Have you ever wondered what makes the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs a dream wedding venue? Picture-perfect weather, a scenic backdrop, and a stunning wedding ceremony site make it the epitome of nuptial bliss. From the moment you step onto the property, you realize it's a paradise that captures the essence of love. In this article, yo[...]

Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer

Romantic Elopement In Joshua Tree, California Joe & Brianna Elope In Joshua Tree National Park Imagine getting on a plane, flying to a location you love, marrying your partner in a ceremony surrounded by nature, and then finishing the day off with cold beers. Well, that sounds like a pretty freaking amazing story if you ask me, but this was a reality for Brianna[...]

Tumbleweed Sanctuary Wedding

Tumbleweed Sanctuary Garden & Labyrinth Wedding Easily one of my favorite Calfornia desert wedding venues is Tumbleweed Sanctuary. Located near Joshua Tree, California, Tumbleweed Sanctuary is the perfect spot for couples planning a traditional 125-guest outdoor wedding, or the wildly romantic in need of an organic venue for their elopement. This is why I was so [...]

Cap Rock Joshua Tree Wedding

Cap Rock Elopement With so much uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19, many couples have had to rearrange their wedding plans. The situation totally sucks for everyone right now, but those who planned on getting married in 2020 have had to make some serious changes to their plans. Although some couples are postponing their wedding ceremonies until next year, many [...]