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Frank Sinatra House Palm Springs Wedding

Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate Wedding Andrew & Grace's Palm Springs Wedding Palm Springs has long been known as the movie colony because of all the famous Hollywood actors and actresses who would leave Los Angeles for a little rest, relaxation and maybe a little gay sex because let's just be honest things were a little different at that time. Although there ar[...]

Salton Sea Wedding

Wedding at Salton Sea California Salton Sea Campground Wedding Rachel and Julius were searching for a quiet spot in the desert for their intimate wedding but wanted to choose a location that was warm, secluded, and unique. After checking out some venues in Palm Springs, this adventurous couple decided that the spot that sang to their hearts was the Salton Sea. Now, [...]

Tustin Ranch Golf Club Wedding Photos

Tustin Ranch Wedding Whenever you are scheduled for an introductory meeting with a new soon-to-be bride and groom probably the last thing you want to do is tell them that you will be wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt and doped up on pain pills. However, that is exactly what I said to Hiroki and Sandy before our first Skype meeting. The reason wasn't because I'm some ph[...]

Palm Springs Wedding At Jack LaLanne House

Jack LaLanne House Destination Wedding Some weddings take months and sometimes years to plan, but Lizandro and Greta decided that since they had family visiting from Venezuela that they would put together a small wedding in Palm Springs in hours. Yes you read that correctly: they planned a wedding in hours. That alone is freaking awesome, but making the whole thing e[...]

Sand Rock Farm Wedding Photos

Sand Rock Farm Aptos Wedding I honestly never get nervous photographing a wedding. Maybe it is because I have been lucky enough to photograph well over 100 awesome weddings, or maybe it is because I really do try my hardest to make my "next wedding" the best one I have ever photographed. There is something that makes life just a whole lot easier when you really give [...]

Goat Hill Park Oceanside Wedding

Lexie & Nick's Wedding At Goat Hill Park Most engaged couples start planning their weddings anywhere from 18 months to a year before the wedding date. This is because planning a wedding can be both time consuming, stressful and require a lot of detail work. So needless to say when Lexie reached out to me about photographing her wedding that she was planning basic[...]