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Goat Hill Park Oceanside Wedding

Lexie & Nick's Wedding At Goat Hill Park Most engaged couples start planning their weddings anywhere from 18 months to a year before the wedding date. This is because planning a wedding can be both time consuming, stressful and require a lot of detail work. So needless to say when Lexie reached out to me about photographing her wedding that she was planning basic[...]

Catalina Island Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Catalina Island Catalina Island Destination Wedding When I first got into wedding photography one of my dreams was to shoot a wedding on Catalina Island. Heck, maybe I would even sell all my stuff, get on a boat, live in Avalon and become a Catalina Island wedding photographer! At that time I was just starting my own business though so I was scar[...]

The Most Epic Palm Springs Wedding Ever

Alcazar Palm Springs Wedding Chris & Jeremy's Palm Springs Wedding Holy Freaking Sh*t! Yes that is how I chose to start this journal entry about Chris and Jeremy's most epic Palm Spring wedding ever! The reason? Because everything about their wedding was rad, making it difficult for me to even know where to start. Maybe I could start by telling you how emotional[...]

Del Mar Racetrack Wedding Photos

Del Mar Fairgrounds Wedding When a deputy and nurse meet there is only one place they get married: the racetrack (insert horse noises)! Well at least that is what happened when Dom and Emily got engaged because the Del Mar Racetrack was a special place for these two unicorns. The reason is that Dom grew up in San Diego going to the Del Mar racetrack with his family e[...]

Woodstock Inspired Wedding Photos

Wedstock One of the things I really love is when a couple mixes their personality and style into the wedding day. When a bride and groom bring in their details, music and all that good stuff it really gives the wedding day a more authentic feel which can be really incredible. Not only did Sean and Alex do this for their wedding but they did it in a way that was beyon[...]

Palm Springs Elopement Photographer

Palm Springs Destination Elopement Energy. I am all about energy. Specifically, the good vibes you feel for whatever cosmic reason when you meet or talk with someone who is on the same wave as you. That was the feeling I received the moment I began chatting with Frank and Terrie about their plans to elope in Palm Springs. These two love eagles planned to come out to [...]