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West Elm Pool House Palm Springs Wedding

Ryan & Kari's Private Palm Springs Wedding When Kari reached out to me explaining that she and her fiance decided to elope after their families started driving them crazy with their own wedding I instantly laughed out loud! My family is a giant pain in the ass so I could totally relate to the situation and so I definitely wanted to provide a little support to the[...]

Moorten Botanical Garden Wedding

Palm Springs Intimate Wedding Moorten Botanical Garden Palm Springs, CA 92264 Easily one of my favorite things about being a Palm Springs wedding photographer is that the region is a hot-spot for destination weddings and elopements (strong emphasis on the hot part). Palm Springs has certain artistic electricity and vibe that resonates with brides and grooms [...]

Wedding Photographer Idyllwild California

Idyllwild Wedding Austin & Mallory's Fall Wedding In Idyllwild, California  When Austin and Mallory reached out to me regarding their intimate autumn wedding in Idyllwild, California I was really f**king excited. The first reason was that I would not be sweating my ass off in Palm Springs which is where I typically find myself rocking weddings. But more importan[...]

Dazey Desert House Palm Springs Wedding

Dazey Desert House Elopement Jen and Kate were looking to avoid the stress and unnecessary headaches sometimes associated with planning a big wedding. So after some discussion, they decided to pass on the traditional big production that can be a modern wedding and instead opted for eloping in Palm Springs. That decision had some ripple effects because it connected th[...]

Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree National Park

Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree Lindsay & Luke Joshua Tree is fucking awesome! And yeah that’s exactly how I wanted to start this blog post. But seriously if you haven’t been to Joshua Tree you should totally put it on your “places I need to visit before Trump starts WW3 and kills us all because of a tweet” list. So naturally, I was stoked when Lindsay reache[...]

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding

Elopement At Casa De Monte Vista The California wildfires have seriously brought havoc and devastation to so many people, but for Steven and Jeaneane the fires forced them to change their elopement plans from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs. However, a last minute change in plans due to the fires did not reduce the enthusiasm that these two had for their Palm Springs w[...]