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Hey! HEY YOU! Thank you for taking the time to look through my photography website and view some of the amazing moments in people’s lives I was able to photograph. It truly does mean a lot, because every person in those photos meant a lot to me. From couples eloping in Joshua Tree to full-fledged kick ass Palm Springs weddings featuring synchronized swimmers, I am beyond thankful I got to be a part of so many awesome weddings. If I have not scared you away yet this is good. If you want more information on my photography packages feel free to write some stuff in the contact form below and I will get back at you quicker than the shake of a lamb’s tail. Also, if you want a faster response and to avoid the potential of an email getting lost in a spam folder then shoot me a text message at 951-704-9503.

P.S. I only request any male nudes sent via text message are artsy and tasteful. Keep it classy people.

Oh and since you will be opening up your personal life a little to me (a total stranger you met online) the least I can do is share a little bit of my personal life with you. Below is a video recorded by a friend who captured me proposing to my now wife. We were together for 6 years so basically every holiday or important date that came by and I did not propose turned into a fight because she expected a ring. Good times…. So on Easter weekend, I decided to get really drunk in San Diego (I had to throw her off the scent) and then ask her to be my wife. This was not well thought out and I have no clue what I was doing. But I got the “Yes” and that is all that matters!




Even if I have broken bones, or am deadly ill I will respond to emails. Even if it is just to tell you I am traveling, shooting a wedding, or drinking at some unknown dive bar. Sometimes my email responses go to Junk Mail so please make sure you check that folder. Also, feel free to text me if you want a quicker response 951-704-9503


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