Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree

Lindsay & Luke

Joshua Tree is fucking awesome! And yeah that’s exactly how I wanted to start this blog post. But seriously if you haven’t been to Joshua Tree you should totally put it on your “places I need to visit before Trump starts WW3 and kills us all because of a tweet” list. So naturally, I was stoked when Lindsay reached out to this Palm Springs wedding photographer on short notice about elopement photos in Joshua Tree. Lindsay and her fiancée Luke are hard workers with extremely busy schedules so they opted to skip the detailed organization and wedding planning to rock a casual elopement in Joshua Tree with bourbon as the best man/maid of honor. The weather in Joshua Tree National Park was perfect, the park was filled with good energy and the day had the most awesome relaxed vibe. Sadly, this was the last day of the 6 day getaway for Lindsay and Luke before they headed back to the frigid ass cold of Michigan. Hopefully, some of these Joshua Tree elopement photos will help defrost them until the warmer weather comes back in late June! Cheers!

Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements

About The Bride & Groom

Lindsay and Luke met a few years back on New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn through mutual friends. At the time, Luke was in medical school at Penn State University in Hershey, PA, but desperately needed a break. So a trip to New York filled with significant champagne consumption was just what this soon-to-be doctor needed. Unfortunately, what Luke did not know was that Lindsay was actually kind of pissed that the mutual friends brought him because she was in a bad mood and didn’t want another person staying at her apartment. Thankfully, that Pennsylvania charm worked because as soon as they met, she liked him instantly. With mild hangovers in full effect, the next morning these two ended up talking for 3 hours on the floor while each tried not to vomit. A long distance relationship then began followed by a move to Michigan, the adoption of 3 cats, and finally (as of last week) a elopement in Joshua Tree, California! That is one hell of a ride!

Joshua Tree Elopements
There are a lot of questions I get as a Joshua Tree wedding photographer regarding the best spots to shoot, the best times for an elopement ceremony, and when the best time of year is to have a wedding in Joshua Tree. The good news is I recently put together a super detailed guide that answers everything from Joshua Tree elopement packages to permits! So if you are even slightly considering coming out to the Mojave desert to get married please check it out! It really is a great resource!
Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements Joshua Tree Elopements

Congrats to Lindsay and Luke, and THANK YOU for allowing me to photograph your elopement in Joshua Tree! I had a fantastic time with you both and hope you guys can find yourself away from that frozen hell hole soon to warmer weather out west. When you get out here the first round of beers is on me!

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