Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

When I received a email around the Christmas holidays from a girl in Florida named Hannah I figured she recently got engaged and was inquiring about wedding photography stuff. Little did I know Hannah was actually contacting me because she wanted to hire me to photograph her brother Logan and soon-to-be sister-in-law Chloe’s engagement photos. How freaking cool is that? My family members won’t even buy me a round of beers and here is Hannah setting up a photoshoot for her brother! So Hannah lived in Florida, Chloe and Logan were going to be getting married in jolly old England, but the couple were currently residing in Long Beach so we were able to coordinate schedules (after like 3 months!) and set up everything at Victoria Beach in Laguna. Chloe and Logan wanted to do a beach style engagement session because when Logan proposed he did so at Malibu Beach. Personally, I think they probably heard the rumors that I have the thighs of a race horse and simply wanted to see me in shorts, but we will go with their story for the time being. Honestly, the engagement session was totally fun thanks in large part to Logan frequently talking about balls, which sounds much weirder now that I have typed that out… Anyway, below are some of the photos from Logan and Chloe’s engagement session! Cheers!

Thank you again to Logan and Chloe for coming to Laguna Beach and hanging out with me for the engagement session! Oh and a special thank you to Hannah for connecting all of us! You rock Hannah!

If you want to check out more engagement photos at Victoria Beach in Laguna go ahead and click that link! That was another engagement session I photographed at Victoria Beach last year with Brandon and Katie!

All photos are copyright protected by Palm Springs wedding photographer Ryan Horban. Don’t steal my photos or I will pick up my dog Lucy’s poop, place it delicately in a brown paper bag, place that bag at your porch, light the bag on fire, ring your doorbell, then run away. Then you will see this burning bag of poop, step on it, and will have poop on your shoes. Your friends will call you poop shoes. That will be your new nickname. Don’t be Poop Shoes. Be the better man.