Oceanside Beach Engagement


Oceanside beach in Northern San Diego County is a place I spent a lot of time when I was a kid growing up. I remember during the Summer months my Mom would take my brothers and I to Oceanside to get us out of the house and have some fun at the beach. We would try and body board or surf and basically just be kids having fun in the sand and water. It is crazy how much you enjoy the simplest things when you are a child and how when we get older that simplicity and pleasure in life often becomes watered down as we tend to focus more on the accumulation of stuff rather than memories. Regardless, those memories of visiting the beach as a kid were great memories. This is why I was pretty stoked to hear Ben and Viktoria wanted to have their engagement session at Oceanside Beach and around the Harbor. For this beach engagement session we walked around the harbor, headed out on a jetty, cruised on some lifeguard towers, walked the beach and generally just took in the good vibes and energy of the Southern California beach. All in all it was just a fun time cruising the beach and taking photos of awesome people in love.

Oceanside Beach Engagement Photos
Oceanside Beach Engagement PhotosOceanside Beach Engagement Photos OceansideHarborEngagementSession4 OceansideHarborEngagementSession5 OceansideHarborEngagementSession6 OceansideHarborEngagementSession7 Oceanside Beach Engagement Photos

Oceanside Beach Photos

Photo Credit: Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban