Hidden Valley Picnic Area Joshua Tree

Lucas & Sava’s Adventure Elopement 

Getting married in Joshua Tree is really a good f**king call, especially if you are from an area in the country that is cold during the winter. I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest, and even though I am a sucker for mountain views and greenery, there is just something magical about the Mojave desert in the winter. This is one of the reasons Lucas and Sava chose to elope in Joshua Tree. Not to mention, the golden light and tranquil surroundings make it easy to reset and reinvigorate your soul. Below are some of the photos of this awesome couple who got married in Joshua Tree a few weeks ago. Congrats Lucas and Sava!

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Adventure Elopement Adventure Elopement Adventure Elopement

Adventure Elopement In Joshua Tree National Park

When considering wedding locations for their adventure elopement, I went over all the rad locations and backdrops Joshua Tree had to offer with Lucas and Sava. These spots included areas with rock formations, easily accessible areas, and some of the popular spots for elopement ceremonies such as Indian Cove Amphitheater, Cap Rock and Key’s View. After all the planning tips, the ceremony location Lucas and Sava chose for their Joshua Tree elopement was the Hidden Valley Loop area. However, during our time together I was like a national park elopement guide, taking this kick-ass PNW couple to all sorts of other areas within the desert oasis!

Adventure Elopement Adventure Elopement Adventure Elopement Adventure Elopement

If you are planning to elope in Joshua Tree and are looking for the best wedding ceremony spots in Joshua Tree National Park, take a moment to check out Hidden Valley Picnic Area by using the embedded map below!