Romantic Elopement In Joshua Tree, California

Joe & Brianna Elope In Joshua Tree National Park

Imagine getting on a plane, flying to a location you love, marrying your partner in a ceremony surrounded by nature, and then finishing the day off with cold beers. Well, that sounds like a pretty freaking amazing story if you ask me, but this was a reality for Brianna and Joe who recently chose to elope in Joshua Tree, California. These two love falcons flew from the east coast to the west coast, rented a private little (mildly creepy) place in the Mojave desert, and finally eloped in Joshua Tree National Park. Everything about this day and these people were absolutely glorious. Below are a handful of the Joshua Tree elopement photos as well as some super helpful commentary from the bride about her experience planning a destination wedding in Joshua Tree! Cheers

Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement

Planning An Elopement In Joshua Tree: The Hardest Part

We didn’t think planning our elopement in Joshua Tree was difficult by any means, however, obtaining the marriage license was probably the least exciting part. It took quite a bit of planning and coordinating, and at times it cut into our day. But everything went smoothly. Being an out of state resident did not necessarily make obtaining the marriage license more difficult, however, it was definitely more important not to miss a detail, and to go over things several times in order to avoid returning due to an error. We obtained a confidential marriage license with the help of Reverend Dr.B. In total, it was about two hours of our time and $300. In the first time meeting, we filled out the necessary paperwork and paid the fees. We only needed our driver licenses to do this. In the second meeting, we finished a few signatures. In the third meeting, we finished all final signatures for our request for a certified copy of our marriage license. However, the process may be different if a regular marriage license is obtained, rather than a confidential. –The Joshua Tree Bride 

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Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement

Staying In Joshua Tree: AirBNB or Hotel?

I would always recommend an AirBnB over a hotel. AirBNB’s are more private and intimate. Each place is unique and has its own special touches. I love being immersed in the experience of wherever I am staying, and AirBNBs provide just that. There are also so many options that could meet your needs, such as AirBNBs with several rooms for multiple guests, or private romantic getaways for couples. For our Joshua Tree elopement, we chose a place that was stylish and chic, as we knew we might try to snag a few wedding photos there. All in all, if you want to feel more like a local and truly delve into the vibe Joshua Tree or wherever you’re staying, go with AirBNB- The Joshua Tree Bride 

Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park: Our Favorite Part

Our favorite part about eloping in Joshua Tree was obviously the location. The first time I set foot in Joshua Tree, I fell in love. The landscape was breathtaking, and unlike any place, I had ever seen before. It truly felt like I had stepped foot onto an alien planet. Besides that, eloping is the least stressful way to get married. It’s all about you and your partner. No pressure from anyone. We did everything our own way and created our own traditions. And what better way to start a marriage than in the serenity of a National Park? – Joshua Tree Bride

Elopement Joshua Tree Elopement Joshua Tree

Elopement Joshua Tree

THANK YOU, Joe and Brianna, for allowing me to photograph your Joshua Tree elopement! And Brianna you seriously rock so hard for sharing your experience planning an elopement in Joshua Tree. From your decision where to stay and the process of obtaining a marriage license, I feel a lot of future brides choosing to have a destination wedding in Joshua Tree will truly benefit from reading about your experience. Oh, and how could I forget to thank you two for the post-elopement beers at your Airbnb!? Seriously, you two are amazing humans and I really hope to make it out to Philadelphia soon for round 2 of the PBRs.

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