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Easily one of the most gorgeous outdoor locations in all of Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park has quickly become a popular setting for destination weddings. What makes Joshua Tree weddings so unique is that they truly reflect that trendy boho-style, romantic desert vibe perfect for brides and grooms opting for a more natural, outdoor setting to get married. In fact, the tranquil setting of Joshua Tree and the magic I feel every time visiting Joshua Tree is the main reason the Mojave desert landscape is one of my all-time favorite locations for wedding photos.

Having photographed hundreds of bohemian-style desert weddings from Cap Rock to Sacred Sands, I can say without a doubt getting married or just visiting Joshua Tree is a good decision. Unlike that last drink at 2:00 a.m. The goal of my Joshua Tree wedding photography is to capture all the bold and colorful Navajo patterns, textiles, longhorn skulls, and cool shit that epitomizes the southwestern flair commonly seen at Joshua Tree weddings. While focusing on candid, authentic, un-posed moments that blend photojournalism and emotion. Sounds easy enough right? The best Joshua Tree wedding photographers incorporate the natural Mojave desert landscape, boho decor, and everything else magical in the National Park, including (and most importantly) the bride and groom.

Want to inquire about Ryan Horban being the Joshua Tree wedding photographer for your adventurous wedding in the desert? Text him at 951-704-9503 or send him an email using the contact form. Also, please note that Ryan Horban does not refer to himself in 3rd person in real life because that would be super weird. But he does have a ton of experience shooting weddings and elopements in Joshua Tree, and can answer any questions you might have regarding Joshua Tree wedding photography!

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    Top 5 Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer FAQs

    Joshua Tree Wedding Photos

    1. What made you decide to become a Joshua Tree wedding photographer?

    Honestly, the very first time I ever visited Joshua Tree was when I photographed an elopement in the national park about 5 years ago. I really did not have any expectations before arriving, but the moment I drove through the visitor’s center and entered the national park I could feel the magic of Joshua Tree. From the unique rock formations, plant diversity, and most importantly the kick-ass, stylish brides and grooms who choose the desert as their wedding ceremony, it was an easy move to transition my business to become a Joshua Tree wedding photographer. I also enjoy peeing outdoors so that was a bonus of becoming a wedding photographer in Joshua Tree.

    2. What is the best wedding venue in Joshua Tree National Park?

    Most people who get married in Joshua Tree do so in the park and then after the ceremony transition to a Joshua Tree wedding venue for the reception. This is because wedding receptions are not allowed inside Joshua Tree National Park. Inside the national park, the best place to get married in whatever spot a bride and groom feel is “their spot”. The spot they want to say their wedding vows while making a lifelong commitment to one another. The spot they want to say “I Do” and then spray champagne into the air in celebration.

    Joshua Tree wedding photographer

    3. Any tips about Joshua Tree wedding photography?

    The most important thing to be mindful of is the weather because Joshua Tree can get so f**king hot in the summer. Throw in some fancy dress clothes and wedding planning stress and the end result is a red-faced couple who are both sweating their butts off. And this Joshua Tree wedding photographer can say with confidence that couples who are miserably hot do NOT want to get romantic with one another. Hell, they do not even want to touch each other. And that makes any Joshua Tree wedding photographer struggle to document authentic, romantic photos. So don’t be a dickhead and get married in peak summer to save a few bucks. If you don’t want to consider your Joshua Tree wedding photographer’s ability to capture amazing moments, then at least consider the health and well-being of your wedding guests. The last thing you would want on your wedding day is for grandma to blackout and collapse near a majestic Joshua Tree because you chose to get married in 108-degree weather.

    4. How would you describe your approach to Joshua Tree wedding photography?

    The best way to describe my approach to Joshua Tree wedding photography would be that feeling you get when someone asks you, “Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?”. In all seriousness, my approach as a Joshua Tree wedding photographer is to capture authentic, candid, and un-posed moments. The moments in-between that truly reflect the individuality of each couple.

    5. I need an affordable Joshua Tree wedding photographer. Can you help with that?

    I offer elopement packages as well as affordable wedding packages for small weddings to meet the needs of anyone planning a wedding in Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree wedding packages start at $700 an hour with discounts for additional hours of coverage, but please know I can customize anything to your particular needs. If for some reason my prices are outside of your budget…well..all I can say is I’m going to take a pillowcase and fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you! Just kidding. But seriously even if I can’t be your Joshua Tree wedding photographer I have some really talented associate shooters who are more affordable that do a great job! Also if you need suggestions on local florists, day of coordinators, or any of that good stuff I a here to help with that as well!

    Cap Rock Joshua Tree Wedding

    Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer

    Tips For Eloping In Joshua Tree

    Get a good wedding officiant, as they will help guide you through the process and ensure all your elopement needs are met. Definitely invest in a great Joshua Tree elopement photographer, and be ready for the elements.- Joshua Tree Bride

    Are you thinking about getting married in Joshua Tree? Then go check out my free Joshua Tree elopement wedding guide! It has everything you need to know about eloping in Joshua Tree!

    Elopement Joshua Tree

    Wedding Venues Joshua Tree

    Best Joshua Tree Wedding Venues

    Adventure Elopement

    The Desert Lily

    Desert Lily Bed & Breakfast is a bohemian Joshua Tree wedding venue ideal for the couple wanting a location that features a rustic and romantic wedding ceremony + reception. Offering spectacular panoramic views of Joshua Tree National Park, Desert Lily is perfect for a bride or groom wanting a simple Joshua Tree wedding.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Thunderbird Lodge Retreat

    One of the few Joshua Tree wedding venues that can accommodate both indoor weddings or outdoor events, Thunderbird Lodge is located right on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree wedding photographers documenting events at Thunderbird Lodge often comment on the breathtaking high desert views offered courtesy of the cheap Joshua Tree wedding venue.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    The Station

    One of the most unique and iconic Joshua Tree roadside attractions, this converted gas station is now available to be rented for Joshua Tree weddings for a guest count of up to 150 people. With such a cool retro vibe and decor built into the wedding venue, any Joshua Tree wedding photographer can absolutely crush it at The Station.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Sacred Sands

    Located outside the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, this quaint little inn is the perfect Joshua Tree wedding venue for the bride and groom wanting a simple location with desert valley views.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Mojave Sands

    Described as “an eco-chic Moroccan desert refuge, celebrating modern-minimalism.” this Joshua Tree wedding venue is located within miles from the park entrance. The space is ideal for a Joshua Tree wedding photographer to capture the boho vibe of the desert city.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Hicksville Trailer Palace

    A location that can definitely result in some kick-ass Joshua Tree wedding photography, this “trailer-park” style motel is ideal for quirky, intimate weddings. The Joshua Tree wedding venue offers theme-inspired trailers, mini-golf, fire pits, and more for wedding guests to enjoy.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!


    This modern Joshua Tree wedding venue focuses more on the minimalist approach to create a super unique desert vibe. An off-grid private estate designed by architect Malek Alqadi, Folly is the perfect small Joshua Tree wedding venue. Especially, given the event space is limited to 25 guests or less. What really makes Folly unique is that it beautifully blends indoor-outdoor living in utilizing an innovative minimalistic design. The event space really provides a great setting for a Joshua Tree wedding photographer to get creative.

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

    Joshua Tree Weather

    Weather in Joshua Tree National Park

    Before planning a destination wedding or finding a Joshua Tree wedding photographer the first thing a bride or groom should do is review what the weather in Joshua Tree will be on their wedding date. The reason is that early in the year Joshua Tree can get very cold after you factor in wind, and during the summer the temperatures can get brutally hot. Nobody wants to be a wedding guest when the temperatures hit triple digits, and most brides and grooms do not want to cozy up and get romantic with each other when they are sweating to death. Therefore, do your Joshua Tree wedding photographer, your guest and most importantly yourself a favor by being mindful of the heat when planning a destination wedding in Joshua Tree.

    Adventure Elopement Joshua Tree

    Marriage License Joshua Tree

    Can you get married in Joshua Tree?

    Joshua Tree is the perfect location for any bride and groom wanting to elope or have a small, intimate desert wedding, and getting married in the National Park is very easy. Ideally, couples should work with a Joshua Tree wedding planner (even a day of coordinator) to find the best wedding spots in Joshua Tree National Park to have the ceremony. The national park has an entry fee of $30 per car to enter the grounds, and visitors planning to get married in Joshua Tree would need to acquire a marriage license in San Bernardino county. However, anyone planning a destination wedding in Joshua Tree National Park should be advised that receptions are not allowed. Therefore, a second location outside of Joshua Tree National Park would be needed for those wanting to keep the party going all night long!

    Couples planning to get married or elope in Joshua Tree do not need to be California (or US) residents, but the bride and groom will be required to get a marriage license from a California County Clerk’s office. Couples can get a Joshua Tree marriage license from any County Clerk in the state of California, and the marriage license will be valid for 90 days from the day it was issued to the couple.

    As of 2017, a couple can now get marriage licenses in Joshua Tree, California. People wanting to get their marriage license in Joshua Tree should know that recorder service hours are limited. Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-2:00 p.m. Couples will need to call ahead of time to make an appointment for Joshua Tree marriage licenses and certificates as walk-ins are not allowed.

    Still have questions? Fill out the contact form and I would be more than happy to answer any of your Joshua Tree wedding photography questions!

    Tumbleweed Sanctuary Wedding


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