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Easily one of the most gorgeous outdoor locations in all of Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park stands as a popular setting for destination weddings. This majestic location is celebrated for its unique and trendy boho-style ambiance, perfect for those seeking a romantic desert vibe for their special day. As a Joshua Tree wedding photographer, I’ve found the tranquil beauty of this landscape truly remarkable. The magic and serenity of Joshua Tree are what make the Mojave desert one of my all-time favorite locations for wedding photos. It’s an environment that reflects natural elegance and offers endless photographic opportunities.

I’ve had the privilege to photograph hundreds of bohemian-style desert weddings in various locations across Joshua Tree, from Cap Rock to Sacred Sands. And you know what? I can say without a doubt getting married or just visiting Joshua Tree is a good decision. Unlike that last drink at 2:00 a.m! Through my lens, I’ve captured the bold colors, intricate Navajo patterns, and the unique southwestern flair that epitomize Joshua Tree weddings. My goal in Joshua Tree wedding photography is to showcase authentic moments, blending photojournalism with emotion, and incorporating the natural desert landscape. Planning a wedding here isn’t just a good decision; it’s a dream come true. In this guide, I’ll share insights and tips to help you plan your dream wedding in Joshua Tree, making the process as magical as the location itself. Let’s go!

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    How To Get Married In Joshua Tree National Park (In 7 Easy Steps!)

    Dreaming of a wedding set against the wild desert landscape? Joshua Tree National Park offers an incredible backdrop for your special day. Whether you’re eloping or celebrating with a close-knit group of loved ones, this California wedding venue offers both beauty and affordability. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your perfect Joshua Tree wedding:

    1. Choose Your Date and Site. Joshua Tree National Park is home to epic sites like Indian Cove, Cap Rock, Split Rock, and Quail Springs. Each site varies in capacity, so check their website to find the perfect fit for your wedding.
    2. Apply for a Permit. A special use permit is required for weddings, and it only costs $120. You can apply for the wedding permit online. This ensures your chosen site is reserved for your big day.
    3. Hire an Elopement Photographer. Capture authentic moments with professional elopement photography. Photographers in Joshua Tree specialize in desert landscapes and intimate weddings, creating an online gallery you’ll treasure forever.
    4. Plan Your Elopement Experience. From adventure elopements to tiny weddings, Joshua Tree has something for every couple. Elopement packages may include wedding planning assistance, engagement sessions, or even a photo shoot at golden hour.
    5. Dress for the Desert. Remember, you’re getting married in a unique desert landscape. Choose a wedding dress that’s suitable for the Mojave Desert environment and feel comfortable in front of the camera.
    6. Invite Your Guests. Send out wedding invitations and create a wedding website to keep everyone informed. Include information about the special use permit, location guides, and awesome places to stay.
    7. Enjoy Your Special Day. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a local celebration, your Joshua Tree elopement or wedding will be an unforgettable experience. Relax, embrace the adventure, and cherish the memories made in this breathtaking setting.

    Joshua Tree wedding photographer

    Awesome Places To Stay In Joshua Tree, California

    If you’re planning a wedding in Joshua Tree and are enchanted by the desert landscape, there’s a world of extraordinary accommodations waiting for you. From ranch-style homes to modern architectural marvels, Joshua Tree offers some truly unique Airbnbs. These places not only provide a cozy stay but can also double as venues for intimate receptions or dinners with family and friends. Here’s a selection of standout accommodations that capture the spirit of the desert:

    Joshua Tree Airbnbs

    • Joshua Tree House: A blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, perfect for soaking in the desert ambiance.
    • Architect’s Off-Grid Cabin: A sustainable getaway, designed for those seeking an eco-friendly experience in the Mojave Desert.
    • Desert Wild House: Vintage elegance meets desert chic, ideal for a relaxed family gathering.
    • Spirit Wind Modern Adobe: Experience the desert’s mystical allure in this unique and artistic adobe home.
    • Villa Kuro Getaway: An oasis of tranquility, offering minimalist design in a serene desert setting.
    • All Glass Modern Home: Marvel at panoramic desert views through glass walls; perfect for stargazing.
    • Stargazing Bubble Dome: A magical dome for the adventurous couple looking to sleep under the stars.

    Joshua Tree Hotels

    • Joshua Tree Inn: A boutique hotel, famous for its artistic flair and comfort.
    • Mojave Sands: A unique desert retreat, providing a blend of vintage charm and modern amenities.
    • Ramsey 29: Elegance meets desert luxury, ideal for those looking for high-end facilities.
    • 29 Palms Inn: Known for its welcoming atmosphere and beautiful garden, perfect for a romantic stay.
    • Sacred Sands: Exclusive luxury with breathtaking views of the desert landscape, a memorable spot for couples.

    Whether it’s an Airbnb with artistic touches or a hotel offering luxurious amenities, Joshua Tree’s accommodations can elevate your wedding experience. And it helps to secure a nice place to sleep off a hangover!

    Elopement Joshua Tree

    7 Joshua Tree Wedding Venues – You Must See!

    The Desert Lily

    The Desert Lily Bed & Breakfast encapsulates bohemian elegance in the heart of the desert. Known for its rustic and romantic setting, this venue provides breathtaking panoramic views of Joshua Tree National Park. Ideal for couples desiring a simple yet stunning desert ceremony, the Desert Lily seamlessly blends natural beauty with whimsical charm, creating an unforgettable wedding experience.


    • Panoramic views of Joshua Tree National Park
    • Ideal for rustic and romantic wedding themes
    • Intimate setting

    Get More Info On This Wedding Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Thunderbird Lodge Retreat

    Thunderbird Lodge Retreat is the epitome of adaptability and beauty. Situated right on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, this venue can host both indoor and outdoor weddings. The breathtaking high desert views add a sense of natural grandeur to any event. Its affordability combined with a versatile setting makes Thunderbird Lodge a popular choice among couples seeking a picturesque desert wedding.


    • Flexible indoor/outdoor event spaces
    • Stunning desert vistas
    • Affordable pricing

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    The Station

    A standout venue in Joshua Tree, The Station offers a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. This converted gas station, now an iconic roadside attraction, exudes cool retro vibes with unique décor built into the wedding space. Accommodating up to 150 guests, it’s perfect for those who desire a wedding filled with nostalgia and distinctive flair. The Station turns ordinary into extraordinary with a touch of vintage charm.


    • Unique converted gas station venue
    • Accommodates up to 150 guests
    • Retro décor and vibe

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Sacred Sands

    Sacred Sands, located just outside the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, is synonymous with simplicity and elegance. This quaint inn provides a serene backdrop of desert valley views for an intimate wedding. Ideal for couples seeking understated luxury, Sacred Sands offers a peaceful, harmonious setting that captures the timeless essence of the desert.


    • Proximity to Joshua Tree National Park
    • Intimate setting
    • Beautiful desert valley views

    Get More Info On This Joshua Tree Wedding Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Mojave Sands

    Mojave Sands is a celebration of creativity and style. Described as “an eco-chic Moroccan desert refuge, celebrating modern minimalism,” this venue is close to the park entrance and showcases a distinct boho vibe. Ideal for the modern couple who appreciates design, Mojave Sands provides a sleek, artistic setting to capture the essence of desert city romance.


    • Eco-chic Moroccan design
    • Close to park entrance
    • Ideal for boho desert themes

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    Hicksville Trailer Palace

    For an unconventional and spirited celebration, Hicksville Trailer Palace offers an exciting and quirky venue. This “trailer-park” style motel, filled with theme-inspired trailers, provides an atmosphere of fun and creativity. With amenities like mini-golf and fire pits, it’s ideal for intimate weddings with a unique twist, guaranteeing a memorable and joyous occasion.


    • Quirky trailer-park style venue
    • Theme-inspired trailers
    • Recreational amenities like mini-golf, fire pits

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!


    Folly embraces minimalist elegance with a design that’s truly avant-garde. Created by architect Malek Alqadi, this off-grid private estate is exclusively for small weddings with 25 guests or less. The venue beautifully blends indoor-outdoor living with an innovative minimalistic design, offering a unique desert vibe. If you’re seeking a setting that’s chic and contemporary, Folly provides the perfect stage for creativity and intimacy.


    • Modern minimalist design
    • Exclusive for small weddings (25 guests or less)
    • Indoor-outdoor living spaces

    Get More Info On This Venue By CLICKING HERE!

    These venues, each with its distinct character and charm, offer a rich diversity of experiences for couples looking to celebrate their special day in Joshua Tree. From rustic romance to modern minimalism, the options are bound to resonate with various tastes and preferences, making Joshua Tree a sought-after wedding destination.

    Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

    Adventure Elopement

    Joshua Tree Photographer Frequently Asked Questions

    When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Get Married In Joshua Tree?

    The best time of the year to get married in Joshua Tree is during the spring and fall months, when the weather is mild and pleasant, avoiding the extreme heat of summer and the cold winds of winter. But let me elaborate more on this. The truth is, Joshua Tree’s climate can be unpredictable, and being mindful of the weather conditions is important. For example, early in the year, Joshua Tree can get quite cold, especially when you factor in the wind. Are you considering a winter wedding? You’ll need to prepare for chilly conditions and consult with your photographer on how to capture the best wedding photo even in cooler weather.

    During the summer, temperatures in Joshua Tree can get brutally hot, often hitting triple digits. Nobody wants to be a wedding guest in sweltering heat, and most brides and grooms won’t feel romantic while sweating excessively. So, what’s the solution? Plan accordingly and choose a date that aligns with your desired weather conditions, or consider a sunrise or sunset wedding ceremony. 

    By being mindful of the heat and other weather-related factors when planning a destination wedding in Joshua Tree, you do yourself and your guests a favor. A well-timed wedding, considering the season and climate, ensures that your special day in this beautiful desert landscape is a dream come true.

    Can I get married in Joshua Tree National Park, and how do I obtain a marriage license there?

    Yes, you can absolutely get married in Joshua Tree, making it a perfect location for those wanting to elope or have a small, intimate desert wedding. First things first, you should consider working with a Joshua Tree wedding planner to find the best wedding spots in Joshua Tree National Park for your ceremony.

    Keep in mind, the national park has an entry fee of $30 per car, and you’ll need to acquire a marriage license in San Bernardino county. Looking to keep the party going all night long? Note that receptions are not allowed inside the park, so you’ll need a second location outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

    Now, let’s talk about the marriage license. Planning to elope in Joshua Tree? You don’t need to be a California or US resident, but you will need a Joshua Tree marriage license from a California County Clerk’s office. It’ll be valid for 90 days, giving you some flexibility in planning your special day.

    As of 2017, you can now get marriage licenses in Joshua Tree, California. But, remember that recorder service hours are limited, and you’ll need to call ahead of time to make an appointment. Walk-ins are not allowed, and the hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-2:00 p.m.

    What made you decide to become a Joshua Tree wedding photographer?

    Honestly, the very first time I ever visited Joshua Tree was when I photographed an elopement in the national park about 5 years ago. I really did not have any expectations before arriving, but the moment I drove through the visitor’s center and entered the national park I could feel the magic of Joshua Tree. From the unique rock formations, plant diversity, and most importantly the kick-ass, stylish brides and grooms who choose the desert as their wedding ceremony, it was an easy move to transition my business to become a Joshua Tree wedding photographer. I also enjoy peeing outdoors so that was a bonus of becoming a wedding photographer in Joshua Tree.

    How would you describe your approach to Joshua Tree wedding photography?

    The best way to describe my approach to Joshua Tree wedding photography would be that feeling you get when someone asks you, “Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?”. In all seriousness, my approach as a Joshua Tree wedding photographer is to capture authentic, candid, and un-posed moments. The moments in-between, the ones that truly reflect the individuality of each couple.

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