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One of the best decisions any bride and groom can make is to invest in a wedding coordinator who has experience with planning events in Joshua Tree. The best wedding planners in Joshua Tree work with each couple to acquire the appropriate permits to get married in the national park, connect them to wedding vendors that fit their personal style, and guide them through the madness that is planning an epic wedding day. But the best part is that by hiring a Joshua Tree wedding planner for your desert wedding you will save on average 227.4 verbal disagreements or straight-out shouting matches with your fianceé regarding your wedding!

Do you want to make sure you have all the appropriate permits to get married in Joshua Tree National Park? How about that you have the best wedding photographer, videographer, and florist who knows what desert flowers can hold up to the heat? Who is going to coordinate the bus to shuttle guests into the Joshua Tree wedding venue and have contingency plans in place if things go wrong? Joshua Tree wedding planners handle all of this and so much more so you can actually enjoy your wedding experience. So please, I beg you, don’t have your friend or mother attempt to coordinate your wedding. First of all, they will fail, and secondly, they won’t be able to actually enjoy your wedding day because they will be working the entire time. Personally, I have witnessed firsthand numerous well-intentioned friends and family members attempt to coordinate a wedding and I can speak from the vendor point of view that the end result is always the same: awful. However, I come bringing good news! Over the years I have worked closely with the best event planners Joshua Tree has to offer so please let me guide you to these professional wedding planners. You want an awesome wedding, and I want you to have that awesome wedding! So let’s get you connected to some kick-ass Joshua Tree wedding planners who can do just that! 

Palm Springs Wedding Coordinator

Award-Winning Joshua Tree Wedding Planning 

Michelle Garibay Events

  • Award-Winning Joshua Tree Event Planner
  • 2019 Knot PRO Educator
  • Named as a California Top 50 Planner 
  • 10+ Years Experience Coordinating Weddings

Why I Love Desert Event Planning: Joshua Tree weddings and desert corporate events provide me the opportunity to use my creative talents in terms of design, but also my organizational talents in putting together beautiful events from scratch. Our award-winning team of Joshua Tree coordinators has navigated hundreds of events, working with each client and their unique personal needs. The dedicated team at MGE thrives on delivering happiness to each bride and groom, creating the perfect wedding experience for each couple’s unique vision!

Interested in learning more about Joshua Tree wedding planning? I would love to discuss your wedding in more detail over a free 30-minute phone consultation at (951) 234-7629 or send over your information so I can create a custom wedding package by  CLICKING HERE!



Tumbleweed Sanctuary Wedding

Wedding Coordinator Joshua Tree 

Day of Wedding Coordinator Joshua Tree

Are you planning a Joshua Tree elopement or Joshua Tree intimate wedding at a cozy AirBnB or one of the stunning desert venues? Whether it is a large wedding at Sacred Sands or a private elopement within the National Park, hiring a day-of coordinator is something I would highly recommend. First of all, day-of Joshua Tree wedding planning packages consist of a coordinator working with you about a month out from the actual wedding day. This gives the Joshua Tree wedding planner the time necessary to review vendor contracts, develop timelines, and do everything necessary to create a perfect wanderlust wedding experience. Additional benefits of investing in a Joshua Tree day-of coordinator include:

  • Assistance Finding The Best Joshua Tree Wedding Vendors
  • Client Walk Through of The Elopement or Wedding Location
  • Oversee Wedding Service Contracts and Insurance From Vendors
  • Develop Timeline For The Wedding Day
  • Acquire Appropriate Permit and Transportation To Joshua Tree National Park
  • On-Site Assistance On The Wedding Day and Rehearsal

Courtney, the lead wedding planner for “After The Engagement” once brilliantly stated that, “Day of coordination is truly a fucking fallacy“. Courtney has no issue telling it exactly like it is and that is one reason why we love her! The truth, however, is a day-of coordinator does not just show up the day of your wedding. Day-of coordination packages offered through Joshua Tree wedding planning companies are cost-effective compared to the traditional coordination packages. They are a great solution for brides working on a smaller budget, but that does not mean the planner is not putting in a lot of hours to make your wedding amazing. Because trust me it takes a significant amount of time to create a kick-ass, romantic, Joshua Tree wedding!

Adventure Elopement

Event Planners Joshua Tree

There is so much value in working with an award-winning event planner in Joshua Tree because of the experience and expertise they bring to the table. From managing any crazy mother-in-law to consistently communicating with all wedding vendors to be sure the day is going smoothly, Joshua Tree event planners have your back! Every wedding is truly unique and that is a beautiful thing! Some couples travel to Joshua Tree for a deeply intimate elopement, but others want the booze-infused, bohemian Joshua Tree wedding decorated with killer bridal hats and Indian dreamcatchers. Joshua Tree event planning teams will help every bride create their vision from the absolutely wild to the deeply romantic. They will also be able to quickly provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding a destination wedding in Joshua Tree like:

  • Do you need a permit for Joshua Tree?
  • How do you elope in Joshua Tree?
  • Which Joshua Tree entrance is best?
  • What do you wear to a desert wedding?
  • How to get guests to Indian Cove amphitheater wedding?


Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Joshua Tree Gay Wedding Planner

The people who call the surrounding Mojave desert area home are some of the coolest, most tolerant people anywhere. Unfortunately, many of the wedding vendors are not that way, refusing or making excuses why they won’t accept an LGTBQ wedding. Well to those people I say, “FUCK YOU!”. As a Joshua Tree wedding photographer, the only thing I want is awesome photos of awesome people ready to shine in all their wedding day glory. This is the reason I only refer my brides and grooms to Joshua Tree wedding planners who 1) are super talented at coordinating events in the desert 2) make sure the entire day goes as smooth as possible, and 3) are tolerant human beings that will take on any LGTBQ Joshua Tree weddings. Below are some of those talented people who make up my list of the 5 best Joshua Tree wedding planners!

Top 5 Wedding Planners In Joshua Tree, California 

  1. The Quail and The Dove
  2. Stacey Jones Event Design
  3. Wild Heart Events
  4. The Walk Down The Aisle
  5. Cherie Riley Weddings

Joshua Tree wedding photographer

Joshua Tree Wedding Planner Packages

How Much Does A Joshua Tree Wedding Coordinator Cost?

Most people only get married once so the costs associated with planning a Joshua Tree wedding are all new. When we paid for our intimate desert wedding I was taken back a little how much it cost to hire really amazing wedding professionals. But that investment is a good one because vendors such as wedding planners can really shape your wedding day experience. And the lack of one significantly increases the likelihood that the experience is a negative one. This is the reason quality matters! Some of the top-rated Joshua Tree wedding planners charge around $4,000 for day-of coordination packages, with more traditional wedding packages ranging from $6,000-$10,000, depending on the bride and groom’s personal needs. The best advice is to set up a free consultation with a Joshua Tree wedding planner and have them customize a package tailored to your vision. They will help you navigate all the details to create a romantic, boho-style, “that was the best day ever” wedding!

Palm Springs Wedding Coordinator

Bonus Tip: Joshua Tree National Park can get extremely hot during the Summer months. So if you don’t want your guests to be a sweaty mess while quietly cursing you during the ceremony, please choose a wedding date where the weather is tolerable. Nobody wants to blackout from heat exhaustion while attending a wedding, and calling for medical help isn’t easy in a place where cell phone reception is nearly non-existent. 

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Top 10 Joshua Tree Wedding Venues

Whether you are looking for places to get married inside Joshua Tree National Park or the surrounding area, here are the wedding industry professional picks for the best wedding venues in Joshua Tree!

  1. Tumbleweed Sanctuary 
  2. Rimrock Ranch
  3. The Ruin Venue
  4. Sacred Sands
  5. Desert Lily Joshua Tree Wedding
  6. Indian Cove Amphitheater
  7. Rattlesnake Picnic Area
  8. Split Rock
  9. Pioneertown Motel
  10. Quail Springs

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