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Easily one of my favorite things about being a Palm Springs wedding photographer is that the region is a hot-spot for destination weddings and elopements (strong emphasis on the hot part). Palm Springs has certain artistic electricity and vibe that resonates with brides and grooms from all over the globe. The city has a very long reach and that is backed up by the fact I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Palm Springs elopements where the bride and groom traveled as far as Australia to visit this little desert gem. I love that the city of Palm Springs attracts awesome people from all over the world, and I was even more stoked when Paul and Rachel (a couple from Seattle) contacted me late last year to discuss their destination wedding set for Moorten Botanical Garden. Naturally, choosing to leave the rain and cold of the Pacific Northwest in February isn’t the hardest sell on a bride, but what made this particular wedding special was how Paul and Rachel really kept the entire family involved. The two girls/bridesmaids played a significant role in the wedding day and that really made the positive energy of the event that much more palpable. Below are some photos from Paul and Rachel’s Moorten Botanical Garden wedding, as well as some helpful words from Rachel the Palm Springs bride. Cheers!

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Moorten Botanical Garden Destination Wedding

For us, choosing to have a destination wedding in Palm Springs was a combination of elements; proximity to home, ambient temperature, and undeniable style. We wanted to go somewhere that echoed our personal style and that would also be a fun vacay for the kids.

Fun Fact: Moorten Botanical Garden has hosted thousands of events and over 1,200 weddings since opening!

Moortens Palm Springs Wedding Moortens Palm Springs Wedding Moortens Palm Springs Wedding Moortens Palm Springs Wedding Moortens Palm Springs Wedding

Moorten Botanical Garden Wedding

The Bride On Getting Married At Moorten Botanical Garden

Having spent most of my life as a professional florist, the Moorten Botanical Garden was a dream come true. The variety of cacti is incredible and the greenhouse at the Palm Springs wedding venue is like nothing you will find elsewhere. Photo ops galore! However, if I had to pick a favorite element of Moorten Botanical Garden as a wedding venue, it would have to be the greenhouse. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I also love that it is a venue that I can visit on all my trips to Palm Springs and remember our special day.

Moorten Botanical Garden Wedding Cost

The owners were lovely; as kind and accommodating as any bride and groom could ask for. The rental fee at Moorten Botanical Garden was inexpensive. This is partly because the gardens actually remained open while we had our wedding ceremony. Personally, I liked having garden visitors send smiles our way as we walked through in our wedding attire, but it might not be for everyone. Especially, brides wanting a Palm Springs wedding that is a little more private. The garden area where wedding ceremonies take place is very secluded and intimate which is why Moorten Botanical Garden only allows for weddings where the guest list is no larger than 100 people.

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Closing Advice From The Palm Springs Bride

My closing advice to anyone planning an elopement in Palm Springs is simple: Explore! There are so many unexpected places to take amazing photos or hold a ceremony in Palm Springs that the best thing to do is get out there and explore the city firsthand!

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