Mt. Palomar Winery Wedding In Temecula, California

Mt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding Photos

When I shot Chantelle and Kurt’s engagement photos in Carlsbad, I knew their wedding at Mt. Palomar Winery in Temecula would be freaking rad. First, we snapped photos at the legendary Pizza Port where Kurt and I bonded over our love for IPAs. Then, we got some family photos with Lapoo, Chantelle’s sweet little pooch. As Bill Murray once wisely said, “I am suspicious of people who do not like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.” Fast forward, to last weekend at their Mt. Palomar Winery wedding in Temecula, California. We took photos throughout the vines, got some cool negative space shots with the bride/groom, then partied until 11:00p.m. And that’s only because the wedding venue closed!  As the father to a fresh  17-month-old daughter, being out that late is now abnormal for me. I have become an old man. My face is weathered and I constantly smell like an elderly human (body odor+dirty laundry). But f*** it! Here’s to embracing moments, drinking IPAs all night, and making unforgettable memories. Cheers to Kurt & Chantelle on their AMAZING wedding!

Mt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding Photos

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Mt. Palomar Winery?

Starting at just $115 per person, Mount Palomar Winery offers you wedding packages that can be personally tailored to suit your unique needs. Keep in mind that costs might vary depending on the package you select and your wedding day specifics such as the date or time of year you get married. For a group of about 100 guests, you’re looking at a range of $16k – $18k.

Here’s what you get:

  • Exclusive 5-hour venue access for both your ceremony and reception
  • Time for setup and access to dressing suites
  • A choice between a plated or buffet dinner, coupled with a cocktail hour that offers hors d’oeuvres
  • Complimentary cake cutting and a sparkling wine greeting for your guests
  • Opportunities for menu and cocktail tastings
  • Comprehensive indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as standard rentals

Having photographed hundreds of weddings in the wine country as a Temecula-based wedding photographer, I can vouch for the value Mount Palomar Winery provides. It stands as one of Temecula Valley’s foundational wineries, renowned for its breathtaking views and top-tier wines. They’re ready to accommodate your wedding, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, and the cherry on top? They promise only one wedding a day, ensuring your event is exclusive.

The Temecula wedding venue comes packed with amenities:

  • A Ceremony Area
  • A Bridal Suite
  • Spaces both Indoor and Outdoor for Events
  • A Reception Area
  • Covered Outdoor Space

What I like most about Mt. Palomar winery weddings is the spacious outdoor ceremony area that provides a scenic setting for weddings. We are talking kick ass panoramic views of Temecula wine country, and the space to host hundreds of your closest friends and enemies. Also, if you’re concerned about the summer heat in Temecula, there’s an indoor barrel room that can be used for receptions. The space is adaptable for various music choices, be it a string quartet or a rock band. Additionally, if you wish to extend the festivities, the barrel room can accommodate an after-party.

Mt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding Photos

Mount Palomar Versus Other Temecula Wine Country Venues

When you’re dreaming about your big day, you want a place that feels like it’s just for you. Mount Palomar offers this experience with its unique and spacious event spaces and exclusivity. Honestly, it’s perfect for brides who want a “no fuss”, memorable wedding, surrounded by beautiful vineyards in Temecula.

  • Space Galore: Got a long guest list? No worries. Mount Palomar is huge, so everyone can celebrate without feeling squeezed in.
  • Choice of Venues: Whether you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding with vineyard views or an intimate indoor setting, this place has got you covered.
  • Pocket-Friendly: Brides rave about the value they get here. While pricing varies, many find it more affordable than other nearby wineries without compromising on the wow factor.
  • Easy To Get To: For all your guests driving down, this spot is super easy to find and access.
  • Reviews Say It All: A quick look at the online reviews and you’ll see many brides gushing over their beautiful wedding experiences at Mount Palomar.

Compared to other spots such as Ponte Winery and South Coast Winery, Mount Palomar is known for its affordability, which is a huge plus! You get great value and a beautiful setting without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s easy to get to, so your guests won’t have any trouble finding it.

Now, I know how crucial accommodations are, and it’s worth mentioning that as of now, there are no on-site hotel accommodations at Mount Palomar. However, it’s something they are working on in the near future, but for now, you might need to consider nearby lodging options for your out-of-town guests. I would recommend Ponte Inn or South Coast Winery if you want to stay in wine country (every other spot sucks). But if your guests want to keep the party going, then consider Pechanga casino about 10 miles away.

Mt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding PhotosMt. Palomar Winery Temecula Wedding Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Mount Palomar Winery located?

It’s nestled in Southern California’s renowned Temecula wine country right off Rancho California Road. In fact, it is one of the very first wineries you will pass by when traveling into Temecula wine country!

Is this Temecula wedding venue apt for an elegant Indian/South Asian ceremonies?

Yes, the outdoor venue can frame a mandap overlooking vineyards, and pathways are ideal for traditional baraats. The space truly complements diverse wedding ceremonies. In fact, the venue spans over an absolutely amazing 65 acres. That means Mt. Palomar Winery can provide a mix of both indoor and outdoor event spaces to accommodate large wedding parties!

Are there dedicated areas for the bride and groom to get ready?

Yes, Mount Palomar provides a bridal suite and grooms room for getting ready photos. These are perfect for day-of preparations, photos of bridesmaid dresses, any reception outfit changes, or just a place to chill if you are getting married on a hot Summer day!

How many weddings does Mount Palomar host daily?

They ensure exclusivity by hosting only one wedding per day. This is important given other wedding venues in Temecula such as Wilson Creek Winery or South Coast Winery often have multiple weddings on property on the same day.

What’s the seating capacity for ceremonies and receptions?

For wedding ceremonies, they accommodate 120 seated guests indoors and 500 outdoors. For receptions, the indoor capacity is 120 seated or 200 standing, while outdoors it’s 700 seated or 2,000 standing.

Are event essentials like tables and chairs provided with my wedding package?

Yes, Mount Palomar ensures your event is well-equipped by providing tables, chairs, linens, and other essentials. In fact, the Temecula wedding venue also offers outdoor night lighting as well! For example, the venue is illuminated with lampposts, market, and twinkle lights. This ensures a romantic ambiance for any outdoor event or reception.

Final Words

A Must-Visit for Future Brides: Experience Mount Palomar Firsthand

Finding the perfect wedding venue is a decision that’s both exciting and monumental. And while pictures can say a thousand words, nothing truly compares to experiencing Mount Palomar in person.

Consider scheduling a venue tour. Why? Walking the grounds will give you an authentic feel of what your big day could look like. It’s one thing to see photos, but feeling the breeze, hearing the subtle sounds, and envisioning your guests mingling in the space offers an unparalleled clarity.

Taste the wine! After all, it’s wine country. Sampling Mount Palomar’s selection will help you determine the best choices for your guests and give you a sneak peek into the delightful flavors they can expect.

Already have a wedding photographer? Great! Bring them along. They can offer insights on where the best shots might be taken, the lighting during different times of the day, and potential picturesque moments you might not have thought of.

Lastly, it’s essential to think about comfort. While Mount Palomar boasts breathtaking beauty, you’ll want to ensure your guests’ comfort. If you’re planning a summer wedding and concerned about the heat, ask about their cooling solutions like fans. Similarly, for cooler days or evenings, inquire about heat lamps or other warming options. Being proactive and asking these questions upfront will help ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, regardless of Mother Nature’s plans.

In short, immersing yourself in the Mount Palomar experience before making a decision will offer invaluable insights. It’s the best way to gauge if this venue aligns with your wedding dreams. Happy wedding planning!


Mount Palomar Winery Address: 33820 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92591