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Finding The Best Nashville TN Wedding Planners

So you just got engaged and are planning an epic wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. Congrats! I am truly excited for you during this special time in your life, but I have to be brutally honest with you now. If you want to avoid having a stressful, chaotic, disorganized you need to invest in a kick-ass wedding planner based in Nashville. A local expert/guide who can help you with design elements, connect you to the wedding vendors that fit your style, handle all the details, and connect you to the Nashville wedding venue of your dreams. Most importantly, they will eliminate 31.7% of potential fights related to planning a wedding you would have with your fiance. Sounds like a smart investment right?

There are so many things that can go wrong leading up to your wedding day, that can happen on your wedding day, and even shit that can happen after your wedding day. For example, if a venue tries to not return your deposit for contractual language related to clean-up etc. As a wedding photographer with 10+ years of experience who has seen both amazing weddings go off without a single hiccup and absolute shit-shows disguised as weddings, I beg you to hire a professional when it comes to something so important. You only get one chance to have a picturesque wedding so do not leave the very challenging job of planning it in the hands of a well-intentioned family member or friend who seems to have it together because they don’t have credit card debt. I have personally photographed 450+ weddings and even I am not dumb enough to think I could coordinate a wedding successfully. Thankfully, through those years of witnessing so many events firsthand, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, award-winning, and simply best wedding planners in Nashville. I want to connect you to these wedding industry wizards because these amazing event coordinators won’t only make my job easier to get kick-ass photos of you, but they will also make every aspect of your significantly better. 

Nashville Wedding Planner

Rustic Nashville Wedding Planning

Kelsey Rae Designs

  • Voted Best Wedding Planner & Designer by Southern CA Bride (2019)
  • Wedding Insider & Educator (The Design Duo Podcast)
  • Award-Winning Nashville Event Planner
  • The Knot Best of Weddings past 4 years
  • Featured in Huffington Post, Brides & 26 Other Publications

Why I Love Event Planning: I have a passion for design and love seeing weddings come to life. Learning my couple’s story and incorporating that into the overall design is one of my favorite parts! Event design has given me the opportunity to push the limit and create some really beautiful weddings. I have a natural sense for the organization and thrive on a zeroed out inbox. My team and I have successfully gotten over 500+ couples down the aisle. Our calm demeanors, resourcefulness, and work ethic is what sets us apart. We love getting to know our couples and their love story and get super excited when we can all become best friends. We love, love. It’s as simple as that!

Discuss your vision for your wedding day with a 30-minute free consultation with Nashville wedding coordinator & event planner Kelsey Rae Designs by calling us at (951) 326-0335 or CLICKING HERE!

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Day of Wedding Coordinator Nashville TN

If you are planning to elope in Nashville or have an intimate Nashville wedding at an outdoor barn venue or one of the cozy private estates such as The Adalea or Riverwood Mansion you should consider investing in a day-of coordinator. Day of coordination teams offer so much more than showing up on your wedding day and making sure you are following a timeline. They will make every wedding day less stressful by utilizing their experience to see potential issues way before they become actual headaches on your special day. Coordinators create amazing Nashville weddings by working with each bride and groom about a month prior to the big day to review wedding vendor contracts, make sure timelines have plenty of time for all events (+drinking), and simply make sure your day is amazing. That means zero stress! Here are some other ways a coordinator will help make your Nashville wedding everything you dreamed it to be:

  • Assist With Wedding Vendor Organization
  • Walk Through Of The Wedding Venue With Couple
  • Wedding Service Contract Review
  • Creating Personalized Timelines For The Wedding Day
  • Wedding Rehearsal & Day Of Coordination

As Kelsey of Kelsey Rae Designs once said to me, “There is no such thing as day-of coordination“. What she was implying was that an event planner can’t arrive on your wedding day and make magic happen. Day-of-event coordination packages by Nashville wedding planners require more than most people think, and that is a good thing because you want the coordinator you invest in to have your back! 

Nashville Wedding Design

Nashville Event Planners

Real weddings should be filled with authentic moments: laughter, tears, and guests on the dance floor crushing beers. Some couples choose Nashville as the destination for an intimate elopement, while others come to the Music City for that dirty boots, messy hair, Grand ole’ Opry wedding. No matter what style of bride you are or wedding you plan on having, a wedding planning company based in Nashville can help turn your vision into a reality. Whether that is a private ceremony under a 200-year-old Southern Red Oak or an elegant wedding at a charming estate. Nashville event planners can help answer any questions you might possibly have regarding your Tennessee destination wedding such as:

  • Where can you elope in Nashville TN
  • Nashville wedding venues barn
  • Outdoor wedding venues Nashville, TN
  • How much does it cost to have a wedding at Opryland?
  • Bed and breakfast elopement packages in Tennessee

Wedding planners and event companies in Nashville know all the secret spots, rustic outdoor barn venues, companies that offer party rentals, country music bands for entertainment, floral designers, locations for rehearsal dinners, and even local boutiques that can create custom wedding dresses! That level of expertise is huge for anyone getting married in Nashville!

Nashville Wedding Planning

Gay-Friendly Wedding Coordinators Nashville

Not every wedding website will say this but there are some assholes who won’t provide services to LGTBQ couples. I say fuck’em because all I care about as a wedding photographer is capturing awesome people having fun. This is the reason I choose to only work with planners in Nashville who are 1) really good at their job, and 2) will work with any awesome couple regardless of sexual orientation. It is 2021, and we don’t need any racist, bigotry, or discriminatory bullshit. Let’s just all have fun and drink champagne together!

Top 10 Wedding Planners In Nashville 

There are a lot of talented event planners who provide services to couples getting married in Nashville and surrounding areas. Experienced coordinators who can not only assist with wedding and events but also know the local area very well. This means a planner can connect you with someone who creates personalized wedding invitations, guide you to local bridal salons, and help with every aspect of the plans and designs. 

  1. Kelsey Rae Designs
  2. Vision In White Events
  3. Nashville Wedding Planners Group
  4. Modern Vintage Events
  5. Olive & Ivy Events
  6. Jessica Sloane Event
  7. Coston & Co
  8. Fête Nashville Luxury Weddings
  9. Events by Elaine
  10. Ad Astra Events

Some other notable planning teams servicing Spring Hill, Nashville, and surrounding areas are Westerhouse Weddings, Famous Hamous Wedding Planning, Christina Logan, Party People Events, and Sweetwater Events. However, before ever booking any event co, please check out their online reviews and most importantly have a face-to-face or virtual consultation with a wedding artist to be sure you both have the same vibe and vision.  

Nashville Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner Nashville Cost

Every couple planning a wedding has a budget. I totally respect that and given my wife and I paid for our own wedding, I try to be mindful of each couple’s needs. However, it is important to understand the value of hiring a coordinator and truly see that you can’t afford not hiring a good planner. Nashville event coordinators will take your wedding planning stress and turn it into wedding day magic. Yeah, that sounds really fucking cheesy but it is 100% accurate. It is also why they are worth every penny of the investment, but now let’s take a closer look at Nashville wedding planner prices

  • Day-of Nashville wedding coordination packages typically begin around $3,000
  • Smaller packages (100 guests or less) start around $6,000
  • Full-service, the total wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am wedding planning packages can require an investment of $10,000 or more

These are very rough estimates and the truth is every wedding package will require a little customization so the best advice is to speak with a planner based in Nashville and have them help guide you to a beautiful, stunning, “Oh my Lord that was such a fucking awesome” wedding.

Nashville Elopement Photographer

P.S. Always remember that good wedding planning teams serving Nashville and the surrounding areas understand this is your wedding and are here to help you make your vision a reality! I understand some brides and grooms would like to save a little money for their destination wedding anywhere they can, but please invest in a coordinator. The day is simply too important. And honestly, I would even have a consultation with a planning team that serves Nashville even if you are having a virtual wedding!

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