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When it comes to finding the perfect destination elopement location some of the first spots adventurous couples research are national parks, private beaches, and cities with some amazing food. And rightfully so because wedding days should include good vibes and good eats. However, what many couples planning to elope sometimes miss are the many hidden spots that don’t get all the Instagram likes and Pinterest board pins. Elopement spots that are affordable, relaxing, offer good food, and have stunning views. One of those secret California elopement locations is a city located east of Santa Barbara called Ojai. Below are some Ojai elopement photos and some helpful information for anyone who is looking for a rad place in Southern California to elope!

Ojai Elopement Ojai Elopement Ojai Elopement Ojai Elopement

Places To Elope In Ojai, California

Top 7 Ojai Elopement Spots

Ojai is a very quiet city located in a valley nestled in the Topatopa mountains (Northwest Los Angeles). The charming little town has some profound spiritual roots, as the land that was once occupied by the Chumash Indians now attracts creatives, health gurus, and mindfulness-focused brides. Ojai is the perfect location for any couple who wants to be in the moment and in nature while saying their wedding vows so let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular places to get married in Ojai, California!

Ojai Meadows Preserve

If you are looking for a simple, outdoor location for your Ojai elopement then Ojai Meadows Preserve is a spot you need to check out. The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (OVLC) oversees around 2,300 acres of open space in the Ojai Valley, which is approximately two-thirds the size of the City of Ojai. Out of this, 2,000 acres are available for public access without any charges. As a wedding photographer, I love all the trails, big trees, and easy access this outdoor location offers. Not to mention, it is free to use, so it is perfect for intimate elopements!

Taft Gardens & Nature Preserve

The Taft Gardens & Nature Preserve is a 264-acre property located in the foothills of Ojai near Lake Casitas. This outdoor venue is managed by the Conservation Endowment Fund (CEF), a non-profit organization that is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the area.

The Taft Gardens & Nature Preserve is a perfect location for couples who want to get married surrounded by nature. The venue features 252 acres of preserved Native California Open Space, which provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere for your big day. You will be surrounded by trees, hills, and greenery that make for a picturesque backdrop.

Meditation Mount

The perfect Ojai wedding venue for non-religious, sacred wedding ceremonies, Meditation Mount hosts only a handful of wedding ceremonies per year. The Ojai elopement location offers beautiful gardens and stunning views that provide an organic setting for wedding photos.

Thatcher House

Sheep, peacocks, stone cottages, and of course some of the best farm-to-table organic food in the Ojai Valley, Thatcher House really helps people feel grounded. Animated by the raw, natural beauty of the Los Padres Mountains, Thatcher House is a beautiful location for anyone eloping in Ojai.

Ojai Valley Inn

Designed to meet the needs of couples planning a large, traditional wedding or intimate Ojai elopement, Ojai Valley Inn has the staff, property, and knowledge to help.  With two distinctly different ceremony spots on the property (Hacienda Courtyard and Artist Cottage Lawn), Ojai Valley Inn will have you soaking in awe-inspiring views of both the Topa Topa mountains and Ojai Valley.

Frog Creek Farm

The Ojai elopement photos featured in this post were captured at this private property that offers a stunning bridge, tall trees, and even lavender fields!

The Ranch House

Offering a lush garden setting that blends peaceful mending streams with other uniquely Ojai amenities, The Ranch House is another Ojai wedding venue that is the perfect setting for both large and intimate weddings. So if you are thinking about planning an Ojai elopement check out everything this property has to offer from a rose garden, oriental tea house, elevated redwood decks, and more.

Ojai Elopement Ojai Elopement

Ojai Elopement Photographer

How Much Is An Ojai Wedding Photographer?

Regardless of where you choose to have your California destination elopement one thing is for certain: you need a good wedding photographer. Ojai elopement photography rates will vary depending on a number of different factors such as the date you are eloping, the Ojai wedding photographer’s experience, and the amount of coverage you want on your wedding day. Here are my personal Ojai elopement packages for wedding photography:

  1. One hour of Ojai elopement photography for $950
  2. Two hours of Ojai elopement photography for $1,700
  3. Three hours of Ojai elopement photography for $2,300
Those interested in learning more about what is included in every Ojai elopement package in terms of the number of images, edits, turnaround time, etc, please use the contact form below or text me at 951-704-9503.

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