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Nicole & Taylor’s Best Palm Springs Engagement Photos

I always get excited when snowbirds leave the frigid small wiener cold of their winter wonderlands and head out to Palm Springs to avoid potential suicide from gloomy weather. Our city in the desert literally saves lives! Oh and how was that for an opening sentence for a blog post!? LOL. So Nicole and Taylor come from a beautiful city located in Canada best know for its underachieving hockey team, and of course the distinction of being labeled “One of Canada’s sunniest cities). Yes we are talking about Edmonton people. And yes Edmonton is sunny for an amazing 27 days out of the year (eat your heart out California). But all jokes aside, I was super pumped when Nicole reached out to this now famous Dad-bod Palm Springs wedding photographer about snapping her and Taylor throughout the city for their Palm Springs engagement photos. After some initial juggling of schedules due to a combination of weather and unforeseen hangovers, we were able to coordinate schedules and make absolute magic in the mean streets of Palm Springs. Below are some of the best images from Nicole and Taylor’s Palm Springs engagement photos!

palm springs engagement photos palm springs engagement photos Best palm springs engagement photos

Palm Springs Engagement Photo Locations

Places To Shoot In Palm Springs

One of the coolest things about Palm Springs is that the city provides so many amazing backdrops for photographers. Instagram worthy places in Palm Springs are seriously everywhere to be found so my advice for anyone looking for the best places to shoot in Palm Springs is to simply explore! Get out to the city and start moving your feet! However, for those looking for the Palm Springs engagement photo locations during Nicole and Taylor engagement session here they are:

  • We started the engagement session at the Palm Spring’s Visitors Center
  • The blue diamond pattern wall is right on the side of Arrive Hotel
  • Ice cream location was literally a business off Palm Canyon Road called Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Palm Springs city photos were captured right outside of Ice Cream Shoppe
  • The cool space like wall was on the side of the Art Pop building

Best palm springs engagement photos Best palm springs engagement photos Best palm springs engagement photosBest palm springs engagement photos

Thank you to Taylor and Nicole for reaching out to me from the frozen tundra of Edmonton to capture your engagement photos in Palm Springs, California! I hope you had a fun time cruising the streets of Palm Springs with me, and I apologize for the weather being abnormally cold during your visit. But then again, if you live in Edmonton I am sure cold weather is just par for the course! But in all seriousness, I wish you both the absolute best and hope you find an AMAZING wedding photographer for your wedding in Canada next year!

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