Palm Springs Family Photos

For decades, Palm Springs has been a destination for the rich and famous to temporarily get away from their troubles to enjoy a little rest & relaxation in the California sunshine. Although Frank Sinatra and his family are no longer mainstays of the desert nestled under the San Jacinto mountains, everyday families from all over the world continue to vacation in Palm Springs to make memories. The human experience is about enjoying life and the closest people around us, and the memories that often bring us the most amount of joy are the ones documented through photos. Babies become toddlers who become young kids who become teens faster than we even can notice. As the father of two little nuggets myself I can tell you with 100% certainty the moments disappear fast. One day your son is wearing diapers and learning to speak, and what feels like the next day he is making himself a sandwich and telling you he loves you. It is a beautiful journey for sure, but sometimes we would all like to hold onto those early moments a little longer. This is why people hire Palm Springs family photographers, and why I personally began offering family photo sessions in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Family Photos

Family Photos Palm Springs

Palm Springs is about sunshine and good times and for that reason, it is common for both families with young children and adult children to choose Palms Springs as the setting for their family photos. Whether it is a more traditional family photo session with little ones running wild, or adults drinking champagne in the desert, the investment in Palm Springs family photos is one that will provide smiles for years to come.

Palm Springs Family Photos

Palm Springs Family Portraits

How Much Are Palm Springs Family Photographers?

Imagine a mother waking up early in the morning from the bed and on her way to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee she walks by the living room and sees a family photo on her wall from a recent vacation in Palm Springs. She instantly smiles and her heart is filled with joy. How much is that worth? Or how about a hard-working father who comes home late in the evening only to come home to an empty house because everyone is sleeping. As he sits on the living room couch to remove his work shoes he sees that same Palm Springs family photo and remembers that every overtime hour is worth it because there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family. The value of authentic family photos is immeasurable and the joy they can bring is also not quantifiable.

Mini Family Photo Session: $450:

  • 30 Minutes Of Photography In Palm Springs
  • 30+ Photos, All Professionally Edited
  • Free Online Gallery Where Photos Can Be Downloaded
  • Print Release & Recommendations On Prints/Photo Books
  • 14 Day Turnaround

Full Palm Springs Family Session: $800

  • One Hour Of Photography In Palm Springs
  • 75+ Photos, All Professionally Edited
  • Free Online Gallery Where Photos Can Be Downloaded
  • Print Release & Recommendations On Prints/Photo Books
  • 7 Day Turnaround

Best Palm Springs Family Photos Locations

Palm Springs has many awesome locations for family photos to choose from so the first thing a family should do after booking a Palm Springs family photographer discusses the best places to shoot. For families looking to have their Palm Springs family photos in a more outdoor session the most popular locations are the windmills, desert area near the Palm Springs Visitor Center, or on top of the tram. Families opting for a more urban style to their Palm Springs family photo session can rock the shoot in downtown at Ice Cream Shoppe or one of the colorful, stylish hotels such as The Saguaro or Ace Hotel Swim Club. However, I personally think the best Palm Springs family photo locations are simply at an Airbnb because they provide a more intimate and relaxed lifestyle session feel. People tend to be more comfortable in a private setting and are more likely to act goofy and have fun. Not to mention, there are so many beautiful mid-century private estate rentals in Palm Springs to choose from that it makes logistical and artistic sense to stay at “home”.

  • Moorten Botanical Garden
  • Saguaro Hotel
  • Windmills
  • Palm Springs Visitor Center
  • Palm Springs Tram
  • Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Airbnb In-Home Session

Best Palm Springs Family Photographer

Photographing Your Families’ Story

Photography is about documenting the moments and memories of your life throughout this human experience. Capturing the good times so we can continue to look back on our lives and say it was indeed a purposeful life filled with love. I know this firsthand because last year I had a family from the east coast fly to Palm Springs and wanted to hire me for their Palm Springs family photos. They were an adult family who planned on vacationing in Palm Springs and thought it would be fun to have some professional photos of them drinking champagne, laughing at each other, and simply enjoying life in Palm Springs. Below are some of those Palm Springs family portraits. What I did not know was that the mother had terminal cancer. She was dying. And the family photos in Palm Springs I captured of them all was one of the last photos the entire family had together of them having fun together. They are memories of good times, and I am thankful that the children messaged me after her death to tell me how much those photos meant to them then and even more now. For me, it is less about trying to be the best family photographer in Palm Springs, and more about giving each individual family these types of memories immortalized forever through photography.

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