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I have no intention of even trying to sugarcoat it for you so let me keep it simple: hiring a kick ass wedding planner will make your life soooooo much easier. The best wedding planners in Palm Springs will help you figure out who are the best vendors for your particular style of wedding, handle all of the details, work with you to pick the best wedding hotels Palm Springs has to offer, and save you at least 27.4 arguments with your future husband or wife throughout the wedding planning process. Hiring a kick ass Palm Springs wedding planner is something you must invest in unless you want your DJ getting the wedding date mixed up, videographer not be informed they needed to submit insurance to the venue, and a hundred of the other meticulous details that should be addressed before, during, and yes even after the wedding because clean up is also a very big deal. As a professional Palm Springs wedding photographer for over 8 years I beg you….Please don’t hire your mother or that annoying super organized friend plan and coordinate your wedding. I have seen too many well-intentioned family members and close friends fail at the basics of planning and coordinating a Palm Springs wedding because honestly it is simply too much for someone without experience to handle. Personally, I have photographed over 400 weddings, generally understand what other vendors are doing, and have a pretty solid feel for how the average wedding day will go, but even I am not stupid enough to think I could plan and coordinate a wedding. Nope! Thankfully, I have worked with some of the best event planners in Palm Springs and am here to help guide you to these amazing people and away from a potential cluster-fuck of an unorganized wedding!

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Day of Wedding Coordinator Palm Springs

Couples planning to elope in Palm Springs or have a small Palm Springs wedding at one of the cozy private properties such as Casa de Monte Vista should totally consider a day of coordinator. First of all, it is important to understand that day of coordination management packages actually mean helping a couple plan their Palm Springs wedding probably about 30 days out or further from the wedding date. This is because a day of wedding coordinator reviews wedding service contracts, timelines and so much freaking more to make sure your wedding kicks complete ass. Some of the benefits of choosing a day of coordinator for your Palm Springs wedding include:

  • Assist With Wedding Vendor Organization
  • Walk Through Of The Wedding Venue With Couple
  • Wedding Service Contract Review
  • Creating Personalized Timelines For The Wedding Day
  • Wedding Rehearsal & Day Of Coordination

As Courtney of After The Engagement¬†Wedding Planning once told me, “Day of coordination is a fucking fallacy“. What she was saying is that a coordinator can’t simply show up on a wedding day and make it all happen. So even though there are day of coordination packages offered by Palm Springs wedding planners that does not mean they have not been putting in hours of work weeks beforehand. Because trust me they have!

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Palm Springs Gay Wedding Planner

Want to know a little secret? Some people really fucking suck as human beings. Shocker right? Sadly, there are a lot of wedding vendors who are not LGTBQ friendly even in the Palm Springs surrounding areas. Personally, the only thing I care about on a wedding day is that the people are awesome and are ready to have an awesome time.

That is why I only work with Palm Springs wedding planners who 1) do an incredible job coordinating events, 2) know how to have a good time while working under stress, and 3) are willing to work with any couple who is cool even if they are gay, straight, or alien. Here are my top 5 personal favorite Palm Springs wedding planners.

Top 5 Wedding Planners In Palm Springs

  1. Michelle Garibay Events
  2. Simply Gorgeous Events
  3. After The Engagement 
  4. The Walk Down The Aisle
  5. Artisan Events

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Wedding Coordinator Cost Palm Springs

As a person who self-funded our wedding I can totally respect people who have to work within a sometimes very tight budget. Trust me I understand and am mindful about that with all my couples. At the same time, people planning on getting married in Palm Springs really can’t afford not to hire a coordinator because they are seriously that valuable. Coordinators are the maestros of wedding planning chaos, churning endless wedding stress into magic. That is the reason why day of Palm Springs wedding coordination packages typically start around $4,000, small wedding planing packages $6,000, and full-service, comprehensive wedding planning packages can cost $10,000 or more. Naturally, any Palm Springs wedding planner package might require some customization so it is best to speak with a coordinator to help navigate you to a successful, amazing, “oh my God that day was so fucking awesome” wedding.


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P.S. Don’t get married in the Summer in Palm Springs. For the love of all that is holy and not sweaty show some mercy upon your guests!