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The desert is warmth. It is love.

As Palm Springs wedding videographers, we understand the magic of the desert. As artists, filmmakers, and believers in fairy tales, we have seen firsthand many truly remarkable love stories. These are the stories we want to tell. Handcrafted wedding stories that capture the essence of unique couples and their love for one another. A love that is unapologetic, organic and adventurous. A desert love story filled with warmth and passion.

Thank you for viewing some of our wedding stories. We look forward to hearing about yours.

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    Affordable Wedding Videography

    One of the most trendy destination wedding spots in all of Southern California is Palm Springs. With warm weather pretty much 365 days a year, desert-which vibes, and boho-inspired decor, couples from all over the world are traveling to the Coachella Valley to rock their nuptials. With a variety of outdoor wedding venues in Palm Springs to go along with the more intimate Palm Springs private estates, finding a kick ass spot to tie the knot is really simple. But once the Palm Springs wedding venue has been booked the next step is booking the best Palm Springs wedding vendors to make the event the epic party it is meant to be. This means connecting with local floral designers who know what florals not only look good but can handle the desert heat, wedding coordinators who can keep the good times going, and of course a Palm Springs wedding videographer to film all the important details and moments of the wedding day. That means documenting everything such as the desert landscape, brightly colored decor, vintage rentals, palm trees, and all the Bohemian flare  or minimalist/modern elements that create the perfect Palm Springs wedding. But most importantly the special moments of the day such as when the mother-of-the-bride helps her daughter get into her wedding dress, or when the groom first sets his eyes on his soon-to-be-wife walking down the aisle. These are the details that tell the story and the moments that truly matter. They are what Ryan Horban and his team of Palm Springs wedding videographers aim to capture every wedding to create a film that is authentic, colorful, wildly romantic, and filled with raw emotion.

    This is your love story, and it should be told in a unique way that is timeless, fun, and full of life. A wedding video that will bring tears to your eyes and smiles on your faces for decades to come.

    Our small team of passionate Palm Springs videographers has filmed hundreds of weddings throughout Southern California, including many same-sex weddings. The goal has always been simple: document each wedding in a cinematic fashion that is authentic, romantic, and fun. We love capturing each wedding in a timeless fashion that will bring a smile to your face for decades to come. So let our kick ass filmmakers capture you in all your glory on your wedding day, and every year when your wedding anniversary comes around simply pop open a bottle of champagne, turn on your Palm Springs wedding film, and relive the good times over and over again.


    Palm Springs Wedding Videographer Packages

    How Much Does Palm Springs Wedding Videography Cost?

    Palm Springs wedding videography packages start at $2,699 for a simple, elegant 3-6 minute short film of raw footage documented by one videographer. Couples wanting to invest in a more detailed wedding story can choose from more complete Palm Springs wedding video packages of full movies and even same day edits. Please fill out the contact form below for more details on videography packages or to view more wedding films!

    Palm Springs Wedding Videographer Pricing Palm Springs Wedding Videographer Pricing Palm Springs Wedding Videographer Pricing

    Wedding Videographers In Palm Springs, CA

    Born and raised in Southern California, Ryan Horban has been documenting Palm Springs weddings for 8 years. His art has been featured in numerous websites and print publications including Green Wedding Shoes, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and more. He is widely recognized as one of the best Palm Springs wedding photographers and videography studios in Palm Springs according to his Wedding Wire, The Knot and Yelp reviews. He continues to provide wedding coverage to couples throughout Southern California and abroad, documenting weddings from Palm Springs, Chicago, Edmonton, and beyond.

    Ryan Horban continues to provide Palm Springs wedding photography and Palm Springs videography services to brides & grooms wanting a desert wedding in Joshua Tree or Palm Springs. He also provides photos & video coverage to all surrounding areas in Southern California. That includes private estates, outdoor wedding venues, hotels, and events at any Southern California desert wedding venues.

    Interested in getting more info about hiring Ryan Horban or his team as your Palm Springs wedding videographer? Grab your phone and shoot him a text message directly at: 951-704-9503, or email the wedding artist using the contact form!

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    Videographer and Photographer Palm Springs

    When it comes to telling a story it is important to recognize that photography and video do so in two completely different fashions. They are both uniquely different forms of artistic expression and that is why the best thing to do is invest in both for your Palm Springs wedding. The reason is that the two art forms complement one another and when combined provide the most detailed version of your wedding day. The simplest way to think of it is a Palm Springs wedding photographer will provide the imagery you will hang in your house and cherish for a lifetime, and a Palm Springs wedding videographer will provide the film that will allow you to relive every moment of that day. That means every year on your anniversary you can snuggle up on the couch, pop open a bottle of champagne, pour some Dom Perignon into your wedding glasses, turn on the film from your wedding day, and remember why you fell in love. Smile, laugh, cry, and simply reconnect with one another.

    Should I Hire A Videographer For My Wedding?

    When most couples are budgeting for their Palm Springs destination wedding one of the decisions they often wonder if they can afford photography and videography packages. The best way to answer that question is to provide you two personal stories. The first was on my wedding day. My wife and I paid for our own wedding so cutting corners and accumulating debt during our wedding planning were normal. We made the decision to not get a wedding videographer because at the time we could not make room for it in our tight budget. A year later all the money we spent on the wedding was paid off, and every year since we deeply regret that decision to not invest $3000-$5000 to have had our wedding day filmed. Especially, given many friends and family from that day are no longer with us. I understand my position the time for not wanting to invest in the video because of financial reasons, but money comes and goes. Sadly, so many of those awesome memories are now lost because of that decision.

    The second story involves a recent wedding I photographed where the couple made a similar financial decision not to hire a Palm Springs wedding videographer. During the wedding reception, the father-of-the-groom (who was also the best man) stood up from his chair and gave the most deeply emotional speech. He talked about how his son’s courageous battle against cancer, beating the disease and eventually meeting the love of his life. He told his son that he was an inspiration and a hero whom he looked up to as a person. The tears poured down from both the father and son’s face, and everyone in the room was overcome with emotion. Those words from that speech were beyond powerful, and sadly they won’t be heard again because there was not a videographer to record them.  This is why anyone whoever asks me, “Do I need a wedding videographer” should know my answer is always going to be a resounding yes!