Palm Springs Windmills Photoshoot

Ah, the iconic Palm Springs windmills. If green energy turns you on then this is definitely a location you want to consider for your Palm Springs wedding, elopement or engagement photos. But what makes a Palm Springs windmills photoshoot good, and how the heck do you get to those darn windmills you see off in the distance when driving on the 10 freeway? Don’t worry, I am a wedding photographer out here in Palm Springs and am going to guide you. Yes, let me break down everything you need to know about getting to the wind turbines, and my choice of the two best places you should go for your photoshoot. Let’s start with the location I use most off North Indian Canyon road.

Palm Springs Windmills Off North Indian Canyon Road

As a Palm Springs wedding photographer, when a couple tells me they want some of their wedding or engagement photos at the windmills, this is my go-to place. Why? It is super easy to access, you can park right on the side of the road, and it is only about 15 minutes away from downtown Palm Springs. But my favorite part? This is where you can literally chase golden hour. See, when the sun falls behind the San Jacinto Mountains the entire city of Palm Springs falls into blue hour. But, if you head out on Indian Canyon toward Joshua Tree, you can chase the light around the mountain so you can continue getting awesome photos.

To get to my favorite spot, take Indian Canyon Dr. from Palm Springs toward Joshua Tree (you will pass the 10 freeway). This location is conveniently right off the roadside. You will park on the right side, then cross the road to get to the windmills. However, people haul ass here so be mindful of approaching vehicles when crossing the road. Yes, most drivers are great and will just honk when they see you in a wedding dress, but there are some desert people who are jacked up on beaver tranquilizers  and Jim Beam. So as your parents taught you as a child, look both ways before crossing the road! Below are some elopement photos of Tyler and Samantha I shot during golden hour at the iconic Palm Springs windmills. Cheers!

Palm Springs Windmills Photoshoot Palm Springs Windmills Photoshoot

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Amtrak Station – Most Popular Palm Springs Windmills Location With White Sand

When I first began talking with Barney about his Palm Springs wedding I was in love with the simplicity of his plan. Basically, he wanted me to meet them at the hotel, I would jump in their car, and we would do a Palm Springs windmills photoshoot for their wedding before heading back to the hotel for drinks. Simple, easy and exactly how a Palm Springs elopement should be. He wanted me to tell them to pull over the car whenever I felt inspired and to just photograph away guerrilla style. As a wedding photographer, this is an awesome thing to hear from your wedding clients. Essentially, that they trust your artistic vision to document their wedding in a genuine, authentic way. No shots lists, no non-sense.

Barney and Tina had their Palm Springs elopement just outside of the Amtrak Station. And where is this?, Well if you’re traveling on the 10 freeway, take the Indian Canyon Dr exit. Once you’re off the freeway, turn right onto Palm Springs Station Rd and go straight ahead until you reach the Amtrak Station parking lot. After parking, it’s only like a 20-foot walk to reach the white sand area. Then boom, you’ll see majestic windmills serving as the backdrop for your Palm Springs engagement photos or elopement. Just remember, don’t cross the fence because that side is private property! Below are some of the photos from that day so you can get a feel of the photo shoot location!

Check out this location on Google Maps by CLICKING HERE!

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All photographs were taken in the city of Palm Springs located in the Southern California desert. For more information on Palm Springs wedding photographer coverage please feel free to contact me at any time. I totally love the desert. It is a great place to ride quads, drink tequila and get married.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Companies That Offer Tours Of The Palm Springs Windmills?

Yes, Palm Springs Wind Mill Tours provides a Self-Driving Wind Farm Tour, as well as a VIP Guided Tour. Here’s everything you need to know about the self-driving tour:

  • Your Vehicle. This tour is self-driven, so you’ll need your own vehicle. The tour utilizes an app to guide you through ten distinct destinations at the initial commercial wind farm in Southern California.
  • The App. Once booked, Palm Springs Wind Mill Tours sends an email confirmation, an app download link, and necessary instructions.
  • Journey Details. The tour starts at a display yard from the 1980s, showcasing both successful and failed wind turbine designs. As you progress, you’ll see blades and towering wind turbines, some exceeding 400 feet in height! Finally, the trip ends at the Indigo Energy Facility.
  • Tour Duration: The entire tour of the iconic Palm Springs windmills lasts about 90 minutes. However, the pace can vary depending on your interests.
  • Costs: The tour is $59.00 for two adults in one vehicle. Each additional adult costs $10, while children under 12 can join for free. Oh, and there are special rates for seniors and military personnel!

Can You Recommend Other Awesome Places Near Palm Springs For My Elopement?

Totally! I have over 10+ years photographing elopements in and around Palm Springs, California so I can guide you from start to finish to an epic desert adventure. You can check out my elopement packages here: