Wow! I mean what words could adequtely describe the feeling of seeing your child for the first time? Of being a father? I really have no clue, but I am going to try and express myself to the best of my abilities…

Like most men, the whole baby thing just never totally felt real to me until those moments I was in that hospital delivery room. As I was watching my life partner struggle through labor pain for hours, the quiet of the dimly lit room was eventually pierced with the sound of our first son crying. It was everything. When the nurses cleaned him up I could see his pale white skin become flush and red. I could also see us going to baseball games, him playing with his amazing sister and us having our first conversation over a beer. Something hopefully not Bud Light. Surreal would be the only way to define it. The moment was fueled with adrenaline, excitement, happiness and relief all rolled into one at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, and I am sure every parent could tell you it is beyond f***ing awesome.

I am still very much at a loss for words when looking at these photographs and even more so when I try to describe what they mean to me. How they make me feel. How they are a starting point to a journey and adventure for me, my wife and most certainly our son Reid. Everything is still fresh so my mind is racing in a million different directions as I type. Maybe I should come back to this blog post in the future and add more of my thoughts once I have had some time to reflect on everything and my perspective becomes more clear. I think that is what I will do, but until then I will simply say, “I love you Reid”. I hope you are ready for a lifetime of fun, adventure and kick ass times with your Dad!

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Reid Nikola 7/13/2016

Photos were captured at Rancho Springs hospital in Murrieta, California. Copyright Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban