Palm Springs Botanical Garden Wedding

It had been a couple of years since I photographed a wedding at Moorten’s Botanical Garden in Palm Springs so I was pretty excited about starting off the 2018 wedding season rocking there with Matt and Sharon. These two class acts first hit it off online when, as Sharon stated, “Matt then disappeared online for about a month; reappeared; was persistent, we had some pizza…and two and a half years later…here we are”. I feel like the pizza played a critical role in the development of this relationship because I know how much it has played a role in mine. Regardless, a romance was in full freaking bloom and a wedding was getting f***ing planned! That was when the couple landed on Palm Springs as the location for the event because looking back on places that had meaning they really enjoyed past trips to Palm Springs. Not to mention, a Palm Springs destination wedding was also far enough to get away from the local Southern California surroundings, but not too far where parents and friends couldn’t just drive out and stay for a weekend getaway. The intimate wedding was held right in the garden section of Moorhen’s Botanical Garden, everyone attending the wedding drank champagne and overall the energy was TNT, dyno-mite. Sorry I saw an opportunity to sneak in a AC/DC reference and had to jump all over that! Below are some of the photos from Sharon and Matt’s intimate Palm Springs wedding at Moorten’s Botanical Gardens! Cheers!

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Palm Springs is one of the most incredible locations for a wedding or elopement, but if you are thinking about heading to the desert it is important to get all the details. Details like the best spots for photos, elopement packages, etc. The good news is I recently created a super rad guide for eloping in Palm Springs. For those interested in checking it out click here!

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Moorten’s Botanical Gardens In Palm Springs

I absolutely love Moorten’s Botanical Garden and was lucky enough to shoot there for a little bit after a recent wedding at Casa De Monte Vista. The reason for my man crush on this location is because it is small but really diverse in terms of looks for photography. What I mean is there are so many unique little hidden spots throughout the property that really provide a wedding photographer an opportunity to get creative. Sharon and Matt really loved the iconic greenhouse so we spent most of our time taking photos in that location. I felt there was good chemistry between them in those moments so I did not want to move them from that good energy.

Palm Springs Elopement Palm Springs Elopement

CONGRATS to Mr. and Mrs. Fogel on a relaxing and intimate Palm Springs wedding! I send you positive energy through this wedding blog and wish you both a lifetime of adventure, awesomeness, and champagne! Also, let me give a shout out to the fantastic Palm Springs florist Oak and Amble for creating a seriously amazing bouquet that I totally should have taken more photos of…damn I suck.

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