So a few months back I was lucky enough to connect with this really awesome couple named Keith and Crystal. In fact, I recently shot their engagement photos in Santa Cruz in June in the midst of a road trip to Oregon for our family babymoon. However, this wedding blog post is not about them, but it is important for me to mention Crystal and Keith because it was through these awesome people that I met Sadie and Aaron (the people this wedding blog post is about). Now most of the weddings I get commissioned for are in Southern California in the Temecula, San Diego or Palm Springs area, and Sadie and Aaron’s wedding was going to be in Sutter Creek. If you are wondering where Sutter Creek is you would be in the same boat I was in when Sadie told me about the location. The best way to describe it would be the town in the movie Footloose. By that I mean everything shuts down at like 8:00p.m., the population is probably 2,000 people and they absolutely hate when handsome fellows like myself dance. Totally weird place but 100% authentic. The only problem is that although most wedding photographers drool all over their flannels and hipster beards when thinking about the opportunity to travel for a destination wedding, I hate them. I get way too drunk on the plane. I get way too drunk at the hotel. I get way too drunk at the wedding reception. Basically, I suck at life when I travel. Oh and I miss my kids, which makes me want to drink. Maybe I need medication? Maybe I need something to drink? I really have no clue at this point in my life but I better stop talking endlessly about nothing or you will probably leave my website and go to TMZ to get the latest updates on Brad and Angelina’s divorce….so sad. Let me close this wedding blog post with this: Sadie and Aaron are awesome. They really are. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to document their wedding in the city of Footloose Sutter Creek. The party was epic and the 80s cover band Pop Rocks had me moving and a grooving. Below are some of the photos from Sadie and Aaron’s wedding in Sutter Creek, California. Cheers!

Sutter Creek Wedding Photography Sutter Creek Wedding Photography Sutter Creek Wedding Photography Sutter Creek Wedding Photography Sutter Creek Wedding Photography sutter-creek-wedding-photography-6 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-7 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-8 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-9 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-10 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-11 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-12 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-13 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-14 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-15 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-16 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-17 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-18 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-19 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-20 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-21 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-22 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-23 sutter-creek-wedding-photography-24

All of the above photographs were taken in Sutter Creek, California by Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban. And yes you would be correct that Palm Springs is nowhere freaking near Sutter Creek, but when you awesome people like Sadie and Aaron reach out to you about their wedding photography and are willing to cover the expenses associated with it then you get in a plane, fly to Sacramento, rent a car, drive to Sutter Creek and kick total ass. I am not a fan of destination weddings but I am a fan of photographing awesome people and insane parties.