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Graham Residence Yucca Valley Photos

Graham Residence Engagement Bryan contacted me about a month ago to tell me about this really rad plan he had. The plan was to propose to his long-time girlfriend Amanda, meet his and her parents for lunch and then whisk her away for a surprise getaway. The getaway was going to be at this really awesome and remote property called The Graham Residence in Yucca Valley,[...]

Newport Beach Wedding Photos

When I photographed a wedding at Moorten's Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California earlier this year I got to work with this amazing and stylish couple in Noelle and Darryl. They were awesome, fun, energetic and together we had a kick ass time filled with cocktails and cold beers. Little did I know that our time together would result in Noelle sharing my contact [...]

Mission San Luis Rey Wedding Photos

Mission San Luis Rey Wedding, California One of the things I remember most about Trevor and Amanda is that during our first Skype conversation I was in a sleeveless Misfits tee shirt drinking a beer in my office and they were at home basically doing the same thing I was. I loved the mellow energy and vibe from Trevor and Amanda from the very start (Also, I should[...]