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Casa De Monte Vista Wedding Palm Springs

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding - Palm Springs Private Estate Easily, one of my favorite Palm Springs wedding estates is Casa de Monte Vista. Owned and operated by the always eccentric Joe, Casa de Monte Vista has everything you want in a private estate wedding. Including Joe's favorite conversation piece, a door from Antonio Banderas' house (seriously). This is why Lesl[...]

The Most Epic Palm Springs Wedding Ever

Alcazar Palm Springs Wedding Chris & Jeremy's Palm Springs Wedding Holy Freaking Sh*t! Yes that is how I chose to start this journal entry about Chris and Jeremy's most epic Palm Spring wedding ever! The reason? Because everything about their wedding was rad, making it difficult for me to even know where to start. Maybe I could start by telling you how emotional[...]

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding

Elopement At Casa De Monte Vista The California wildfires have seriously brought havoc and devastation to so many people, but for Steven and Jeaneane the fires forced them to change their elopement plans from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs. However, a last minute change in plans due to the fires did not reduce the enthusiasm that these two had for their Palm Springs w[...]

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding Photos

Palm Springs can be incredibly hot at times. I am talking about the type of heat that makes you want to get completely naked and swan dive into a swimming pool, which is honestly something you should do if you are in Palm Springs and not working. I also recommend grabbing a cold cocktail while you are at it! Thankfully, when Adele and Dav decided to leave London for t[...]