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The Most Epic Palm Springs Wedding Ever

Alcazar Palm Springs Wedding Chris & Jeremy's Palm Springs Wedding Holy Freaking Sh*t! Yes that is how I chose to start this journal entry about Chris and Jeremy's most epic Palm Spring wedding ever! The reason? Because everything about their wedding was rad, making it difficult for me to even know where to start. Maybe I could start by telling you how emotional[...]

Palm Springs Wedding Proposal

Marriage Proposal In Palm Springs, California Without a doubt, one of my personal favorite things to photograph is wedding proposals. The reason? Energy. Most engagement sessions I shoot the couple are usually a little fixated on the "right" location, the wardrobe they will be wearing, posing in front of the camera, and all sorts of other stuff that really does not m[...]

Monkey Tree Hotel Wedding Photos

Monkey Tree Hotel Wedding Palm Springs has a dry heat...so the saying goes. Well I don't care what style of heat it is because when you're shooting a outdoor wedding in 100+ degree weather it's hot as balls (that's another saying). The only saving grace when the temperature gets into the triple digits in Palm Springs is that: People drink waaaaaay more booze [...]