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Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer

Romantic Elopement In Joshua Tree, California Joe & Brianna Elope In Joshua Tree National Park Imagine getting on a plane, flying to a location you love, marrying your partner in a ceremony surrounded by nature, and then finishing the day off with cold beers. Well, that sounds like a pretty freaking amazing story if you ask me, but this was a reality for Brianna[...]

Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree National Park

Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree Lindsay & Luke Joshua Tree is fucking awesome! And yeah that’s exactly how I wanted to start this blog post. But seriously if you haven’t been to Joshua Tree you should totally put it on your “places I need to visit before Trump starts WW3 and kills us all because of a tweet” list. So naturally, I was stoked when Lindsay reache[...]

Joshua Tree Wedding Quail Springs Picnic Area

Joshua Tree Destination Wedding If there is one thing I love to do on St. Patrick's Day it is drink my body weight in green colored beer. However, the early morning drinking was gonna have to be put on hold until the evening for this St. Patrick's Day because a couple of crazy kids from Montreal were leaving the frigid Canadian winter to get married at Quail Springs [...]

Wonderland Ranch Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

Joshua Tree Wedding With Kathy and Mono One of my absolute favorite places on the planet Earth is not Hemet, California. That place totally sucks and you should never go there, but do you want to know a place that doesn't suck? Joshua Tree, California. Joshua Tree is this really incredible place that for some reason many people never go. Sure I could take the easy ro[...]