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Elopement At Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Swim Club Wedding, Palm Springs "My name is Brendan from Sydney, Australia. I'm writing to you because my girlfriend and I are eloping in Palm Springs, California in April next year. We have already booked tickets, accommodation and an officiant/planner. We are now looking to book a wedding photographer and are hoping you are available on 4/11/17. I also wa[...]

Casa De Monte Vista Wedding Photos

Palm Springs can be incredibly hot at times. I am talking about the type of heat that makes you want to get completely naked and swan dive into a swimming pool, which is honestly something you should do if you are in Palm Springs and not working. I also recommend grabbing a cold cocktail while you are at it! Thankfully, when Adele and Dav decided to leave London for t[...]

Court House Wedding Palm Springs

Palm Springs Courthouse Wedding Every time I have a wedding scheduled in Palm Springs I get excited because that means I will get to have nachos at El Jefe at the Saguaro hotel off Palm Canyon for lunch or dinner. These nachos are so amazing that I simply cannot articulate in words how they make me feel, but I will say they warm both my heart and stomach. That sizzli[...]

Palm Springs Same Sex Wedding Photographer

I have been a wedding photographer in Palm Springs for many years now so I have seen my fair share of mayhem in the desert. I've seen brides get knocked over tables during the father/daughter dance because pops was trashed from sangria, grooms lose their wedding rings, bridesmaid cat fights, grandmas taking Jameson shots and pretty much an assortment of awesomeness. A[...]