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San Diego Brewery Engagement Photos

San Diego Engagement Photos When I first connected with Kevin and Deena the conversation basically revolved around hockey and excellent craft beers. So needless to say we pretty much got along really well really quickly! Of course, we did spend about 6 minutes talking about wedding photography as well. Throughout the NHL playoffs we were all rooting for a Capitals/Sh[...]

Seaport Village San Diego Engagement Photos

Seaport Village Engagement Photography Ahhhh San Diego! Drink it in because it always goes down smooth. Well, 90% of the time it does, but on this day in San Diego it was 90+ degrees and super humid. So how did Ron and Justine beat the heat you might ask? Well the answer is choosing to start their engagement session at Ballast Point brewery in Little Italy because no[...]

Sheraton Hotel San Diego Wedding Photos

Sheraton San Diego Wedding Jeremy and Cat's marina wedding in San Diego was one I was looking forward to all year long. First of all, Jeremy is this inspiring dude with a job in the medical field, but his real passion is cycling. Personally, I think he is just trying to find any excuse to post photos of himself in tight spandex bicycle shorts but whatever. I still lo[...]

San Diego Balboa Park Engagement Photos

Balboa Park Engagement Photos - Everything You Need To Know! Are you looking for an awesome spot in San Diego for your engagement photos? You know, the type of location that will pump up those Instagram likes and make your single girl friends jealous? If so, Balboa Park is a spot you definitely have to check out. With its stunning gardens, captivating fountains, hist[...]