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Riverside California Backyard Wedding

Riverside, California Wedding With Tony & Carly Temecula has always had a small town vibe, and if you grew up in Temecula you sort of knew who everybody was. I can't recall exactly how I met Tony but I do know we have shared many beers together and even both starred in the local film Amber Sunrise. In fact, we were both so upset that the Academy snubbed Amber Sun[...]

Mt. Palomar Winery Wedding Photos

Mt. Palomar Winery Wedding In Temecula, California When I shot Chantelle and Kurt's engagement photos in Carlsbad, I knew their wedding at Mt. Palomar Winery in Temecula would be freaking rad. First, we snapped photos at the legendary Pizza Port where Kurt and I bonded over our love for IPAs. Then, we got some family photos with Lapoo, Chantelle's sweet little po[...]