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Woodstock Inspired Wedding Photos

Wedstock One of the things I really love is when a couple mixes their personality and style into the wedding day. When a bride and groom bring in their details, music and all that good stuff it really gives the wedding day a more authentic feel which can be really incredible. Not only did Sean and Alex do this for their wedding but they did it in a way that was beyon[...]

Newport Beach Wedding Photos

When I photographed a wedding at Moorten's Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California earlier this year I got to work with this amazing and stylish couple in Noelle and Darryl. They were awesome, fun, energetic and together we had a kick ass time filled with cocktails and cold beers. Little did I know that our time together would result in Noelle sharing my contact [...]

Dana Point Same Sex Wedding Photos

One of the things that must suck more than anything is having to ask your wedding vendors if they offer services for same sex couples. I mean how freaking lame is that? Planning a wedding is stressful enough and the last thing a couple needs is some stupid ass vendor saying they won't work with them over "religious" reasons. Unfortunately, this is the reality for gay [...]

Mission San Luis Rey Wedding Photos

Mission San Luis Rey Wedding, California One of the things I remember most about Trevor and Amanda is that during our first Skype conversation I was in a sleeveless Misfits tee shirt drinking a beer in my office and they were at home basically doing the same thing I was. I loved the mellow energy and vibe from Trevor and Amanda from the very start (Also, I should[...]

Wedding At Secluded Garden Estate

Wedding In Pala, California   One of my favorite venues to photograph in Temecula, California is Secluded Garden Estate. The reason is because 99% of the weddings I photograph in Temecula are in the wineries and as much as I love shooting in the vines it can sometimes feel redundant. Therefore, I was pretty stoked when Kelvin and Karissa told me that they wer[...]