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As the philosopher Lloyd Christmas from “Dumb and Dumber” once said, anyone who ever travels to the Rocky Mountains should always remember to bring an extra set of gloves. Solid advice for sure, but for couples eloping in Telluride or planning a destination wedding in the Colorado Victorian-style mountain resort city, cold fingers are not the primary concern. The main concern is finding a kick ass Telluride wedding photographer to capture them in all their magnificence as they say, “I do” on a majestic mountaintop with champagne in hand. With a passion for capturing awesome couples in all their wedding day joy and engineering miniature colonial sailing ships in Olde English 800 bottles, Ryan Horban is now providing wedding photography services to couples eloping or having a destination wedding in Telluride, Colorado!

But who the f**k is Ryan Horban?!

An award-winning, destination wedding photographer based in Southern California, Horban’s photography has been featured in Green Wedding Shoes, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and numerous online publications and magazines. His colorful, in-the-moment, and candid style to capturing Telluride weddings has resulted in perfect five-star Yelp reviews, making him one of the best Telluride wedding photographers according to the kick ass real bride and grooms who worked with the artist with a Dad bod.

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Are you planning a destination wedding or elopement in Telluride, Colorado? Maybe you even checked out some wedding photographers in Telluride and want your photographs to have a little more life? Photos that are a little more real? Maybe even photos that have a little less blah and a little more booze. Well, good news! Ryan Horban is now offering wedding photography services for couples getting married in the Rocky Mountain city! Those interested in learning more can shoot him a text at 951-704-9503 or say hello via the online contact form to get more info on destination wedding photography package options. Fun fact, Ryan won’t communicate to you in the third person when talking to you about your destination Telluride wedding when you have a human-to-human conversation unless of course, you’re into that sort of thing.

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    Top 10 Telluride Wedding Venues

    Telluride, Colorado is easily one of the most beautiful destinations a couple can choose to get married at, but one of the best things about Telluride is the awesome wedding venues the city has to offer. This is because couples who chose to elope in Telluride or who want an epic outdoor wedding venue surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, have a number of different options when choosing a location. Here are the top 10 Telluride wedding venues according to industry experts and online reviews:

    1. Telluride Ski Resort
    2. Aldasoro Family Ranch
    3. Mountain Lodge at Telluride
    4. Schmid Ranch 
    5. Sheridan Opera House
    6. San Sophia
    7. Telluride Transfer Warehouse
    8. Tempter House
    9. The Peaks
    10. Madeline Hotel

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    Telluride Ski Resort Wedding

    Brides and grooms getting married in Telluride call upon the ski resort city to be the destination for their wedding for a lot of reasons. The first reason is that they truly love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. They love fresh air, snow-capped mountains, and not sweating their ass off in dress clothes on a hot summer day.

    How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost In Telluride

    Telluride Wedding Photography Pricing

    The best Telluride wedding photographer studios and elopement photographers in Telluride offer different wedding packages based upon a client’s personal needs. Obviously, the more talented wedding artists will require a larger investment than a Telluride wedding photographer with less experience. So what should a bride wondering how much does a wedding photographer cost in Telluride expect to pay for wedding coverage? The answer is $650 an hour for elopement/intimate weddings and approximately $4,750 for more comprehensive Telluride wedding day packages. More traditional wedding packages would typically include 6-8 hours of wedding coverage and possibly a second shooter on the day of the wedding. Professional prints or fine art wedding albums are considered add-ons so brides and grooms wanting them should anticipate investing more.

    Telluride Elopement Photographer

    Every person who has ever planned a wedding understands the stress that comes along with it all. Weddings should be enjoyable. Crazy thought right?! So if a big traditional wedding is not your style the good news is there are many amazing Telluride elopement locations that offer stunning backdrops of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Telluride elopement photographers can show any couples eloping in the mountains all the best spots such as San Sophia Overlook. In fact, there are many amazing spots for a winter wedding or Telluride ski resort elopement. The only thing that matters is you bring good vibes and enjoy your mountain adventure!

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