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One of the best parts about Temecula is that it is widely recognized as the Napa of Southern California. That means people who choose to get married in Temecula wine country are like the popular 1980s hairstyling known simply as the mullet. What I mean by that is the elegant vineyards provide a classy, sophisticated feel (business in the front), but at the same time, the endless drinking of champagne and delicious wine provides the ingredients for a kick-ass wedding reception (party in the back). After hours of seemingly endless arguments, once a couple (the bride) books their wedding venue at one of the popular vineyards in Temecula wine country the next step is to hire a Temecula wedding photographer to capture them in all their wedding day glory. Born and raised in Temecula, Ryan Horban has over 10 years of experience working at all the different wine country wedding venues, an understanding of how to utilize natural golden light in the vineyards, and of course a unique style of documenting Temecula weddings in a colorful, candid, and artistic fashion. But who the f**k is Ryan Horban, and why should you consider hiring him to photograph your wedding?

Ryan Horban is an international, award-winning wedding photographer based in Temecula who has photographed over 300 weddings in Temecula wine country. His photography style focuses on natural, authentic, genuine moments that mix photojournalism and natural emotion like a cocktail of awesomeness. Ryan Horban’s Temecula wedding photography captures the symmetry of vineyard lines, DIY creations, barn styles, rustic vibes, handmade details, and trendy wedding decor that epitomizes the rustic outdoor stylings typically featured in many Temecula wedding photos. By blending the vineyard landscape, earth-toned decor, and emotion-filled interactions of a bride, groom, and wedding guests in his Temecula wedding photography, Ryan Horban has created a unique style that has made him one of the best Temecula wedding photographers according to online reviews from past clients. But don’t just trust some random weird you met online just check out his Yelp reviews!

Want to learn more about Ryan Horban’s art or hire him to be your Temecula wedding photographer? Send him a text message at 951-704-9503 or say hello through his contact form to learn more about wedding packages, his style, and more. The good news is he won’t speak to you in the third person when you have a real person-to-person conversation unless of course, you’re into that sort of thing.

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    Temecula Wedding Photographer

    Top 5 Temecula Wedding Photographer FAQs

    1. What made you become a wedding photographer and videographer serving Temecula?

    First of all, Temecula has been home to me for over two decades. But once I had kids it made sense to cut down on my travel to Los Angeles, San Diego, Joshua Tree, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, and the other wedding spots in Southern California. That way I could focus on winery weddings and be closer to my kids. Temecula weddings have a more slow-paced, relaxed vibe, which is a great change of pace from the sometimes hectic, overly detailed weddings in bigger cities like San Diego. I love how people who get married in Temecula keep things simple and easy because their wedding isn’t some schmooze-fest like a fake B-list celebrity wedding in Los Angeles.

    2. What is the best wedding venue in Temecula?

    Temecula is great because there are both small venues designed to meet the needs of a couple seeking a more intimate vineyard wedding, and more all-inclusive Temecula wedding venues that can accommodate 300+ guests. From my perspective, the venue, decor, and wedding guests are all just part of the setting of the story. They are not the actual story. Couples should choose a Temecula wedding venue that feels right to them. A venue that will be the setting of their story. My goal is to focus on the natural light, the laughter, and all the emotion of the day to create photographs that will speak to you for decades.

    3. Any tips about Temecula wedding photography?

    The main thing I would tell couples planning a Temecula wedding would be to be mindful of 1) the weather and 2) events such as the Balloon and Wine Festival. First of all, Temecula can be in the high 90s or even triple digits IN OCTOBER! So dress accordingly and realize that a summer wedding in Temecula wine country could be very hot. Secondly, every once in a while there are events in wine country such as the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival that can really cause traffic congestion. Therefore, it is important to schedule shuttles or any other transportation accordingly. Lastly, couples visiting the area for Temecula Engagement wedding photos should know that many venues do not allow photography on their grounds when a wedding is taking place (pretty much every weekend), and some require a small fee to shoot on the grounds. Therefore, if you are planning to have your engagement photos in Temecula it is a good idea to speak to someone at one of the wineries you are going to shoot ahead of time.

    4. How would you describe your style and approach to Temecula wedding photography?

    Describing the style of my Temecula wedding photography is always a little strange because I feel like the images I capture really speak for themselves. However, if you are putting me on the spot I would say my style is like two friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale. For those confused by the Step Brothers reference let me clarify: my photography is a collection of in-the-moment, candid, authentic, and colorful photojournalism that mixes in traditional wedding portraiture of wedding details, family, and venue decor. My approach to every Temecula wedding is to focus on the emotional elements, human interactions, and most importantly good vibes. As your Temecula wedding photographer, I want to document your wedding day in a fashion that will have you smiling for decades. I believe you are awesome and your wedding photos should be as well!

    5. I need an affordable Temecula wedding photographer. I might even elope in Temecula. Can you help with that?

    When my wife and I had our wedding in 2012 (which was also in Temecula wine country) we paid for pretty much everything ourselves. So nobody understands the struggle of wedding planning like I do. The indecision, the fights, the endless search for decent vendors, etc. I am also very mindful of the investment in wedding services from both a personal and professional standpoint. This is why my Temecula wedding photography packages start at $3,000, but for couples wanting more affordable wedding photographers Temecula I bring good news! If you are working on a shoestring budget I also offer associate photographer packages with less experienced, but still high-quality talent Temecula photographers. So if you have a decent wedding budget I would love to personally document your epic Temecula wedding, but if you are recycling White Claw cans to pay rent then at the very least I can get you set up with an awesome associate Temecula wedding photographer who can document your wedding day.

    Bonus Question: Temecula Elopements

    Couples looking to have a destination wedding and elope in Temecula, please know I offer a number of elopement wedding packages created to meet the needs of couples wanting anywhere from 1-3 hours of photography coverage. Although the hours may be shorter the goal is the same: get authentic photos of you living your best life on your wedding day in Temecula.

    Temecula wedding photos

    Best Temecula Wedding Venues

    With well over 100 wineries in Temecula, there are a number of affordable and all-inclusive Temecula wedding options for couples to choose from. Whether a bride and groom opt to have an upscale, modern wedding at South Coast Winery or a more intimate, rustic wedding at one of the smaller venues such as Danza Del Sol Winery, a Temecula wedding photographer will document every detail of the event. That means make-out sessions in the golden vineyard light, and dance parties at the reception that will make the townsfolk in the city of Footloose consider banning dancing again. Whatever wine country wedding venue a couple selects all that matters is that the good vibes pump all night long. However, for those Type A people who need to see things in a list format, here is a list (in no particular order) of the best wedding venues in Temecula.

    Top 16 Wedding Venues In Temecula

    1. Europa Village
    2. Lake Oak Meadows
    3. South Coast Winery
    4. Ponte Winery
    5. Galway Downs 
    6. Temecula Creek Inn
    7. The Marquess Garden Estate
    8. Lorimar Winery
    9. Chapin Family Vineyards
    10. Callaway Vineyard & Winery 
    11. Leoness Cellars
    12. Falkner Winery
    13. Mount Palomar Winery 
    14. Forever & Always Farm
    15. Wiens Family Cellars
    16. Temecula Creek Inn Wedding

    Temecula wedding photographer

    How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost In Temecula?

    Temecula Wedding Photography Pricing

    The best Temecula wedding photographer studios and elopement photographers in Temecula will have different pricing. However, like most things in life, you always get what you pay for. That is why it is important to invest in a Temecula wedding photographer that has the experience and a detailed portfolio of real weddings, not stylized shoots. Brides and grooms asking how much does a wedding photographer cost in Temecula can expect to pay approximately $750 per hour for intimate wedding coverage, and around $5000 for full wedding day packages. Full wedding day packages typically include 6-8 hours of coverage, an engagement session, and an online gallery for free download of Temecula wedding photos. Wedding photos from the online gallery should all be professionally edited (Lightroom + Photoshop) with copyright release. Couples requesting a second shooter, raw (un-edited) Temecula wedding photos, professional prints, or wedding albums should anticipate paying more as these are typically additional costs.

    Temecula Wedding Photography

    Elopement Photographer Temecula

    Temecula Winery Elopement Packages

    Couples looking to elope in Temecula will find there are venues and photographers that offer a variety of Temecula winery elopement packages. Planning a traditional wedding can be stressful and very expensive, making a Temecula elopement the perfect solution for couples wanting to have their wedding day have the least amount of potential headaches possible. And sometimes simple is the best answer. However, it is still important to document those life-defining moments documented in an authentic fashion so even if the elopement is an hour-long, couples should still consider investing in a Temecula wedding photographer.

    Are you still not sure if you want to have a wedding in Temecula? Regardless of where you are at with your wedding planning, feel free to shoot me a message and I would be glad to provide some of the pros and cons of a Temecula wedding or any location in Southern California!

    Seriously, just text me if you have questions 951-704-9503.

    Best Wedding Photographer

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    Temecula Wedding Photos

    I want you to have an amazing wedding in Temecula, California. That means hiring the absolutely best photography team, wedding planner, and wedding vendors possible. That is why if I am booked or my style and your vision are not Justin Timberlake N’Sync, I would be more than happy to provide referrals on everything from wedding invitations to other photographers in Temecula, CA. Some of these wedding vendors include:

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