Victoria Beach Engagement Session

I seriously have no clue what the proper etiquette is for writing blog posts or probably just doing this whole life thing in general. I mean I’m literally the guy who wears a sleeveless Misfits shirts and drinks beer while having Skype meetings with potential wedding clients. The point is I am terrible at transitions so if you can just stick with me through this ADHD rant I promise you will learn a little about me, Katie and Brandon’s engagement session at Victoria Beach and the epic concert I went to in Los Angeles later that same evening. But let’s kick things off with the Victoria Beach engagement session in Laguna that actually began at a little bar called Hennessy’s Tavern. 

Katie and Brandon are getting married in Temecula, California next year and I have no doubts that the wedding is going to f***ing awesome. The reason is because the engagement photos we rocked in Laguna Beach last week had that good energy and good energy means good people and good photos. So our day kicked off at Hennessy’s Tavern in downtown Laguna Beach where we drank, drank a little more and snapped up some photographs of us drinking. Booze is one of my favorite things to do so naturally I’m all for starting any photography session with drinking… then again I’m down to open breakfast with beer if the setting and/or company is awesome. But back to Katie, Brandon and the Laguna Beach engagement session! After beers at Hennessy’s we cruised downtown Laguna Beach for a about an hour before heading down to Victoria Beach to close things out. The sunset was epic, Brandon and Katie rocked the entire time and once the sun went down I packed up my gear and headed up north to Los Angeles to see Empire of the Sun. I must say I had zero intention of seeing Empire of the Sun (although I was a fan) but while driving up to Laguna Beach for Katie and Brandon’s engagement photos the stars sort of aligned when a friend got me a free ticket. Basically, I got to parlay pre-engagement session beers in Laguna Beach to post-engagement beers in Los Angeles at the Nova. So yeah it was a pretty f***ing rad Thursday. Below you can check out some of the photographs from the engagement session at Laguna Beach and Victoria Beach with Katie and Brandon. 

All photographs were captured by Lake Arrowhead wedding photographer Ryan Horban. For those interested in checking out more kick ass beach photo sessions check out Keith and Crytal’s engagement session in Santa Cruz or Brittany and Tyler’s engagement photos in Dana Point!