Idyllwild Wedding

Austin & Mallory’s Fall Wedding In Idyllwild, California 

When Austin and Mallory reached out to me regarding their intimate autumn wedding in Idyllwild, California I was really f**king excited. The first reason was that I would not be sweating my ass off in Palm Springs which is where I typically find myself rocking weddings. But more importantly, there is just something about cozy weddings surrounded by close friends and nature that is so refreshing to the soul. In all seriousness, I shouldn’t talk shit on the wedding industry because all the hype around it is what gets brides and grooms to invest large sums of money in my services to shoot their 6 figure weddings. And hey if you are going to pay me for 12 hours of coverage, an engagement session and wedding album… well then I am just going to be grateful as goose #BeerMoney. But the reality is weddings are very personal, and people can be distractions. This is why the smallest weddings often have the most feels: tears of joy, laughter, and all that good stuff. Below are a handful of Idyllwild wedding photos featuring Austin and Mallory and their private ceremony in the San Jacinto mountains.

idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos

Idyllwild Wedding Venues

One of the best parts about eloping in Idyllwild or having a small wedding in the mountains is that it feels like all the locations are so private. There are literally Idyllwild wedding spots that are perfect for small weddings and can be found right off hiking trails. But for the bride and groom who want something a little more traditional there are also some really great Idyllwild wedding sites. Below are some of the most popular wedding venues in Idyllwild.

Top 5 Idyllwild Wedding Locations

  1. Creekstone Inn — This small wedding venue in Idyllwild is a little tucked away but is still only a handful of minutes from downtown Idyllwild shops and restaurants. Creekstone Inn offers a rustic style for brides and grooms, and the Idyllwild wedding location can accommodate approximately 65 guests.
  2. Garner Ranch — The coolest part about this historic Idyllwild wedding location is that the property is still a working cattle ranch! Nestled in the gorgeous Garner Valley, this beautiful Idyllwild wedding site offers meadows, pine trees, and rests against a mountain backdrop. Pretty freaking rad.
  3. Quiet Creek Inn  — Featuring seven acres surrounded by trees along Idyllwild’s iconic Strawberry Creek, this Idyllwild wedding venue has all the space needed for a kick ass party. Some amenities of Quiet Creek Inn include a large meadow, enclosed barn, and a bunch of quaint creekside areas that are perfect for photos. Wedding photographers in Idyllwild, CA will have a lot to work with at this location!
  4. Rainbow Inn On Strawberry Creek — One of the most popular Idyllwild wedding sites, Rainbow Inn on Strawberry Creek literally has a stream running through the property! That is some serious “boats and hoes” type awesomeness. Another cool feature of this craftsman-style bed and breakfast hotel is that brides and grooms can choose to rock their Idyllwild wedding next to the beautiful creek, in the spacious backyard area.
  5. Silver Pines Lodge — Silver Pines Lodge is where Austin and Mallory got ready before their wedding. This Idyllwild wedding venue is located in wooded pine forest overlooking Strawberry Creek. This is a really rad central spot where wedding guests can stay, but it also makes for a rad wedding venue.

idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos

Wedding Photography Idyllwild California

I seriously shouldn’t have to sell you on reasons why you should get married in Idyllwild. I mean the San Jacinto mountains are stunning, the fresh air feels fantastic on suburban lungs, and you might even be lucky and get attacked by a cougar! Nobody ever saw a bear or got attacked by a cougar at a boring hotel wedding. So swap those Jimmy Choo’s for some hiking boots and get hitched in the mountains!

idyllwild wedding photos idyllwild wedding photos

Thank you Austin and Mallory for allowing me to document your intimate Idyllwild wedding! I wish you both the absolute best, and many hiking adventures in Colorado!