One of the things I really love is when a couple mixes their personality and style into the wedding day. When a bride and groom bring in their details, music and all that good stuff it really gives the wedding day a more authentic feel which can be really incredible. Not only did Sean and Alex do this for their wedding but they did it in a way that was beyond awesome. What they did was throw a kick ass party called Wedstock where the wedding was a 1960s Woodstock themed extravaganza. The bridesmaids rocked some amazing boho dresses, groomsmen wore black biker attire, and the guests even kept it vintage. The best way to describe the wedding would be Harley’s and hippies. But this Woodstock inspired wedding had so much more than that. Like a awesome band that jammed out the rock and roll late into the evening, tons of rad details, Harley Davidson motorcycles decorating the wedding ceremony site and plenty of booze to keep the dance floor popping. Honestly, this was one of the most unique weddings I have ever photographed and Sean+Alex did an absolutely killer job putting it all together. The Woodstock inspired wedding was colorful, fun and one hell of a amazing party. Below are the photos from Alex and Sean’s 1960s style wedding. Cheers!

And a special thank you to my friend Katie for second shooting this wedding with me!

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Sean and Alex Woodstock themed wedding took place at a house in Temecula, California and was documented by Palm Springs wedding photographer Ryan Horban