7 Amazing Palm Springs Wedding Venues – You Won’t Believe!

One of the trendiest and best destination cities for weddings in 2023 is Palm Springs, California. With warm weather all year long and a long list of amenities the desert oasis has to offer, it is easy to see why brides and grooms are choosing to get married in Palm Springs. But once a couple decides on the location for their wedding the next step is picking a venue. This is another cool feature of Palm Springs because the Southern California city offers so many unique options in terms of venues from the modern, posh hotel settings to intimate, boho-inspired outdoor weddings. So if you are planning a Palm Springs destination wedding and have done a Google search for “Palm Springs wedding venues private homes“, or “Palm Springs outdoor wedding venues“, then rest assured I have you covered! As a photographer who has shot hundreds of Palm Springs weddings, here is my personal list of the 7 best Palm Springs wedding venues (in no particular order). So sit back, relax, and envision yourself sipping a cold cocktail by the pool on a warm day in Palm Springs as we check out all these kick-ass wedding venues together!

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1. Casa de Monte Vista

casa de monte vista wedding

One of the reasons I really love Casa de Monte Vista is because the venue is perfect for intimate, cozy weddings. So, if you want a private estate for a secluded wedding, this might be the venue for you! Casa de Monte Vista is also a photographer’s dream because the private estate has so many unique nooks that have allowed me to create a more personalized gallery for each couple. Oh, and there is an open street outside of the Palm Springs private home wedding venue that offers ridiculous views of the San Jacinto mountains along with sky-high palm trees. What sets Casa de Monte Vista apart is the eccentric property owner, Joe. He loves to share stories about celebrities who’ve stayed there and other fascinating Palm Springs tales. Moreover, Joe is a genuinely great guy who adores the couples getting married at his estate.

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2. Moorten’s Botanical Gardens

Moortens Palm Springs Wedding

I have photographed a lot of small weddings and Palm Springs elopements at Moorten’s Botanical Garden. And you know what? Every time I shoot at Moorten’s, the wedding venue never disappoints. The family who owns Moorten’s Botanical Garden knows everything there is to know about native plants and share their knowledge with anyone interested. not to mention, the organic scenery is perfect for couples seeking that authentic desert vibe! Another great thing about this outdoor Palm Springs wedding venue is that it is affordable and easy to access. Oh, and there is a really cool open desert area only a mile down the road that is the perfect backdrop for photos. But easily the most iconic location at Moorten’s Botanical Garden is the greenhouse which has been the setting of many award-winning wedding photographs.

Want to view a real wedding at Moorten’s Botanical Garden? Then click here!

Visit the Moorten’s Botanical Garden website.

3. The Sands Hotel & Spa

Sands Hotel Palm Springs Wedding

The Sands Hotel & Spa is one of the newest Palm Springs wedding venues that are perfect for that colorful, modern couple who love the color pink because pink is definitely the color palette that dominates at this outdoor hotel location. What I really like about this the Sands Hotel & Spa is the ceremony location that offers a really rad pink wall as a backdrop, and of course how the reception is set up around the swimming pool. Seriously, with a good wedding planner coordinating your wedding to success, the Sands Hotel & Spa can be an epic location guaranteed to get your wedding photos featured in Brides, Martha Stewart’s Weddings, or just shared so much on social media that your girlfriends will be so jealous they might cut themselves. However, since the Sands Hotel & Spa is a hotel wedding venue, couples wanting to use the property would need to book all the rooms. That means this Palm Springs wedding venue is best suited for couples wanting a large (150+ guest count) desert wedding!

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4. Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate

Frank Sinatra House Wedding

A Palm Springs icon, Twin Palms Estate was once home to the legendary Frank Sinatra. Inspired by two palm trees spotted from an airplane, Sinatra, cocktail in hand, decided that’s where his mid-century modern home, designed by E. Stewart Williams, would stand. Today, this historical gem, nestled in a neighborhood rich with history, is open for events, including weddings. The decor oozes 1960s Mad Men vibes, immersing guests in a wave of nostalgia and magic. Although the wedding ceremony area has lighting challenges, the reception setting is spectacular, making the estate a unique choice for small to medium-sized weddings.

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5. Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Ace Hotel Wedding Photos Palm Springs

The perfect spot for hipster couples seeking cool and simplicity, Ace Hotel & Swim Club has it all. From the annual mural that transforms a giant wall into a photographer’s dream, to the chilled poolside vibe for guests to unwind, cocktail optional. Plus, the attached King’s Highway restaurant serves vegetarian delights 24/7, ideal for satisfying those late-night cravings. Moreover, the hotel is dotted with fantastic photo spots, a canvas for photographers to unleash their creativity. Even if wedding bells aren’t ringing for you, the Ace Hotel is a fab spot for a sunny getaway with your significant other. Pro tip: Hit the hotel on a Tuesday for a less crowded experience and some Karaoke fun!

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6. The Avalon

Palm Springs Wedding Photography

The perfect venue for couples seeking a cozy Palm Springs destination wedding, The Avalon truly has everything. Unlike the Ace Hotel that offers more of a hipster, boho-inspired setting, the Avalon is designed for the modern and luxurious wedding. Some of the more popular images captured at the Avalon Hotel include the ceremony site that has a gorgeous view of the mountains, bungalows with stylish orange doors that are perfect for portraits, and inside the lobby of the hotel where a yellow and white mural is present. Personally, my favorite thing about the Avalon Hotel is the reception area that (when designed right) is really one of the most gorgeous settings to drink, eat, and party amongst friends and family.

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7. Cree Estate

Palm Springs Wedding Photography

The Cree Estate is freaking awesome. Seriously. From a wedding photographer’s standpoint, the ceremony site is shaded, the venue has tons of little spots for creativity to bloom, and more importantly, everything is super accessible. What I really love about this outdoor Palm Springs wedding venue is that every one of my wedding artist friends who have shot there has all produced images that are totally different from each other but equally awesome. That is what a good wedding venue will do: provide diverse and unique opportunities for creative people to be creative. Cree Estate is also perfect for both small and large weddings. Not to mention, Cree Estate is very affordable when compared to some of the higher-end Palm Springs wedding venues such as The Parker and Korakia Pensione.

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8. The Parker Palm Springs

Parker Palm Springs Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for a Palm Springs wedding venue that combines elegance with fun, The Parker is your venue. Not only does it offer a fantastic 60’s/colonial vibe, but it also provides a ton of rad spots for wedding photos. In fact, The Parker is one of my favorite venues in Palm Springs, but it is NOT cheap. NOPE! The average base cost is $48,000, which includes a 5-hour open bar, a three-course plated meal, and a customized sweets table, among other amenities. Additionally, the venue offers various activities for you and your guests, like croquet, and two restaurant options for the rehearsal dinner. Pretty cool, right? While the price is reasonable for the quality offered, it can’t hurt to try and negotiate extras, such as the additional hour of booze.

  • Design. Designed by Jonathan Adler, The Parker Palm Springs resembles your imaginary “great aunt’s estate,” decorated with 60’s throwbacks and vintage, worldly decor. Yes, it is one of the coolest and most stylish Southern California wedding venues.
  • Activities. Day-before/day-of wedding activities and two restaurant options for rehearsal dinner.
  • Super Photogenic. You must get some wedding photos at the Lemonade Stand, and in front of the iconic Breeze Block Wall (That is the wall in the photograph above!)

Want to view a real wedding at The Parker? Then click here!

Visit the Parker Palm Springs website.

9. The Saguaro

saguaro palm springs wedding

Do you like colors? Like, ridiculous amounts of colors? If so, The Saguaro could be the Palm Springs wedding venue for you. Located in downtown Palm Springs, this vibrant hotel and wedding destination can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it suitable for both intimate and grand celebrations. However, I think it is best for micro weddings and elopements. Why? Because the rooms kind of suck for your wedding guests and the ceremony is located right in the middle of the hotel property. Honestly, I really like shooting here because of the colorful backdrop, but that doesn’t mean I would put The Sagaruo on the top of my list of spots for ceremonies and receptions. But hey, the place is still rad to shoot at, and the nachos at El Jefe in the hotel are AMAZING!

Want to view a real wedding at The Saguaro? Then click here!

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Palm Springs Wedding Venues – Frequently Asked Questions

What are some affordable wedding venues in Palm Springs?

Some popular wedding venues in Palm Springs that are affordable include the Frederick Loewe Estate, Ingleside Inn, Villa Royale, Caliente Tropics, and The Saguaro. These venues offer a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces, beautiful scenery, and won’t break the bank on your wedding day!

Can I have my bridal shower and rehearsal dinner at the same venue as my wedding in Palm Springs?

Yes, many venues in Palm Springs offer spaces for all your wedding-related events, including bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, and receptions. Be sure to ask the venue about their options and any package deals they may offer for hosting multiple events.

What should I consider when choosing a wedding venue in Palm Springs, CA?

Consider the size of the venue, as it should accommodate all your guests comfortably. Think about the style and theme of your wedding, and make sure the venue complements it. Also, consider the services and amenities provided by the venue, such as catering, accommodations, and an event coordinator. Lastly, consider your budget and ensure the venue fits within it.

What is the average cost of a wedding venue in Palm Springs?

The average cost of a wedding venue in Palm Springs can vary widely based on several factors, including the location, size of the venue, and the services provided. On average, couples can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 or more on a wedding venue in Palm Springs. It is always best to contact the venue directly for a detailed quote.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when booking a venue in Palm Springs?

Some venues may have additional fees that are not included in the initial quote, such as service charges, cleaning fees, or overtime fees. Be sure to ask the venue for a detailed breakdown of all costs and read the contract carefully before signing.

Remember to get a written contract that outlines all the details, including the total cost, deposit required, cancellation policy, and any other important terms. Happy wedding planning!

About the author:

Ryan Horban

Ryan Horban is an international wedding photographer based in Palm Springs, California that has documented over 200 weddings in the Coachella Valley. His work has been featured in Brides, Green Wedding Shoes, The Knot, and many other wedding magazines & online publications.